Candle Boxes – Your Packaging Concept Should Include These

Candle Boxes – Your Packaging Concept Should Include These

2019-12-11 08:00:58

There have been numerous studies conducted that found out most of the business pay a lot of attention to their brand and product. However, they fail to take into equal account the packaging. This is where they are wrong. They need to put as much attention to the candle boxes, as much as they do to the product itself. If they ignore any of the two, there’s no way the company is going to be successful. In fact, sometimes you have to pay more focus on the packaging than the product itself.

We are not paying that you produce low quality products and the packaging should be high quality. What we are trying to imply here is that the boxes are going to be the first thing everyone is going to see. If they see something below par, they will assume that the product inside is probably of the same quality or lower. But when you pack your product in superior quality packaging, customers will know that whatever is inside is worth their investment. Now you know why this much focus on packaging.

That said, since there are many types of packaging, you need to consider certain factors that need to be in your packaging to make it the best. Which are these factor? Have a look for yourself;

Target Market

Rule of thumb! You need your packaging to communicate with your customers. It needs to tell them the story of your brand. Appealing to everyone is good, but no one can be a big failure. That is why packaging has to play the part of talking and telling the audience they are the ones being targeted. For say, you can’t put punchy, bold designs on a box meant for older people. At the same time, dull and boring colors and an unattractive packaging for youth is a big mistake.

Brand Centric

Your packaging should represent your product inside. Just think for a minute. Does it really? You are a sugar manufacturer but your packaging says something like salt. You think that will work? People should be able to guess about a product just by looking at the packaging itself. So yes, your packaging needs to reflect the product packed inside. You can put up a photo of the product on the box just to make sure people are not going elsewhere. At the same time, mentioning the name of the product is another great way to ensure people know what’s inside. The entire focus should not be on the logo and brand name itself.


Color is yet another huge and determining factor. The color that you choose will determine quite strongly how customers are going to respond to your product. Think about who you are targeting, what are the ongoing trends, and what is the true identity of your brand. Think through all these things and you will certainly know which colors to go with for your product.


Your custom box design size is yet another determining factor to how people are going to respond. If you are not thinking about customizing the box, that’s not a good choice. However, standard sized boxes can still be of little help. But in today’s world, still many people like it when the box or packaging is actually the size of the product itself. They don’t want to find a tiny product packed in a huge sized box. There are two benefits to this. Firstly, people will love your product because of the packaging. Secondly, you reduce the cost of production.

To end it all, you seriously need to consider these factors for your Custom boxes for the most ideal results.

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