Candle Boxes Made With Modern Embellishments

Candle Boxes Made With Modern Embellishments

2021-01-18 06:47:39

In every industry, whether it is cosmetics, or food, packaging plays a vital role in the advertisement of the product. Packing of a product is the first thing the customer looks at when searching for a product. From this you can understand the importance of the packing of a product. It is the aspect that forms a first impression in the eyes of a customer. This shows that your packaging shouldn’t just be attractive, but it also should be of the right size, and keep the product inside it, safe.

Tips for Getting High Quality Candle Boxes

If you are looking for Candle Boxes, or cosmetic ones, then you have to make the right choice regarding the design and printing of your carton according to the shape and style of your candles. Since you want your product to fit in properly inside the carrier, hence these things matter a lot so you must have the understanding for every detail.

Popular Types of Boxes for Enclosing Candles

In order to choose the best one, consider both the pros and cons of a certain box. Here is a list of the type of candle outlook you’ll find in the market:

1.    Pillow Pouch Candle Pack

The name might seem a bit odd to you but this is a very common type of box that is used to pack candles. This isn’t just the most innovative type, but also the most reliable type when it comes to protecting your product. These type of packs have a unique shape and design, almost pouch-like. This type of packaging is very attractive, and is perfect for gift enclosure. Plus you can even use this type of box for retail product too.

2.    Box With Window Cut-outs

When it comes to selecting a certain product, some customers are very picky. Therefore, to convince them to buy your product you need to give them a sneak peak! Window packs are perfect for this purpose. They can be used as presentation product that bring your product into the limelight. Since the product is visible to the customer, it becomes more convenient for them to pick and choose.

3.    Cylindrical

The main reason why they are in demand these days is because of their innovative and appealing looks. The best part is, if your candles are cylindrical these are the perfect box for your product. They can be manufactured in different diameters, and even materials for example Kraft, paperboard, or even cardboard. Since they are round, they’re the safest option for your candles.

4.    Laminated

They can be manufactured in any shape or design. The only feature that tells them apart from other type of packaging is the shiny layer applied. This gives your product outlook a smooth, glossy look, luring your customers. That’s not even the best part! The most wonderful feature of this type of carrier is that the printing on it stays safe from atmospheric conditions.

Kraft boxes- Why they are the best approach?

You might have heard the term, Kraft Boxes during your hunt for the type of packaging you need to use for your beauty products. Kraft stock is really on trend these days among growing businesses. But the question is, why is it so popular among small businesses? What are the characteristics of Kraft that make it so unique? We’re here to answer all your questions. Here’s a list of reasons why Kraft is the right material for your carton:

1    Low cost

Kraft, unlike cardstock or paperboard, is really cheap in terms of price. That means you don’t have to spend too much on your packaging, and you can focus more on the quality of the product.

2    Biodegradable

This is the feature that makes it attractive for most consumers. Since people nowadays are really concerned about the environment and are ‘Going Green’ they prefer to use sustainable products. This means a huge boost of sales if you start using Kraft stock. Not only will customers prefer to buy your products, but they will be forced to switch to your company because most other renowned brands don’t use non-polluting packaging.

Considerations You Need to Take for Beauty Product Boxes

To decide what the best type of packaging is, for your beauty products, you need to take the structural and material conditions into account. Plus you must consider the volume of the product which affects shipping and storage costs. To select the material you need to consider the following factors:

  • The type of substance used to manufacture your product
  • The shelf life of your product
  • Weight and size of the product you want to pack
  • Decoration, colour, and capacity of the box
  • Effects of changes in temperature
  • Physical, biological, or chemical properties of the beauty product
  • The type of seal you want, e.g. screw on, crimp on, friction, magnetic, roll on

Easily Customizable Cosmetic Boxes

To make your product look more appealing, most producers are switching to materials that are easily customisable.  While it may not look like it, but Kraft is very easy to customise and print your designs on. Just like cardboard, or paperboard, it also gives a fine, smooth, and neat look to your printed design. Now that you know what type of material is used, and how to choose the right materials, you can go ahead and pick the right Cosmetic Boxes for your products!

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