Candle Boxes in Reverse Tuck Style for Luxury Goods

Candle Boxes in Reverse Tuck Style for Luxury Goods

2020-12-28 07:17:22

We use boxes made from cardboard in our daily life for various purposes like selling goods, storing goods, moving goods, and many more. They are strong and keep our products safe from damage. Cardboard containers are made of Kraft paper and test paper. A sheet of test paper is placed and pressed between two Kraft papers. Both these papers are recycled papers and hence are environment friendly. Corrugated cardboard is a cardboard that is made from the same liners but it's bent to have waves in it, this makes the cardboard strong as it increases its tension.  Colors of cardboards differ depending on the type of tree used to produce these liners, however, these can always be colored and designed upon. There are various types of these containers, some of them are sleeve slider carton, pillow-shaped carton, die-cut carton, reverse tuck style cartons, etc. Reverse tuck style is ideal for Candle Boxes and packs.

Boxes in unique designs help get more sales

Sleeve slider cartons are two-part cartons made of cardboard where one part slides out of another like a drawer. These cartons are strong and rigid due to the dual-layer. These containers have a unique style and will enhance the product in it automatically. Some of these cartons have a window on top making the product visible to customers.

Pillow-shaped cases are cardboard or paper cases, they have a pillow shape that has openings on the top and bottom side and are oval from the side. These are mostly used for soaps.

Die-cut cartons are cardboard cartons, they are called die-cut as they are cut from cardboard sheets through a machine called die press. These cartons are as strong as any other carton. These cartons may or may not have a window on top.

Reverse tuck style packs are cardboard cartons. These cartons have two openings both from top and bottom. Where the top and bottom lid is parallel to each other but open in opposite directions. These boxes are used for retail purposes and are quite eye-catching on the aisle. It has a strong structure that can hold heavier products. These cartons do not require glue, tape, or staple to be assembled.  These cartons don't have a window on top hence they can be used for products that do not need to be viewed.

Reverse tuck-style packaging is ideal for various luxury goods like candles, cosmetics, skincare products, etc.

Candles and other retail product packaging

Candles are used in almost every house hold, people use them on special occasions, festivals, or just as a decoration piece. These candles come in different spaces and sizes and are placed in materials ranging from plastic, acrylic jars, glass jars, or just wrapped with a ribbon. There are both scented and unscented candles and they don't emit fumes that might make you uncomfortable when sitting too close to the candle. A candle is the best asset for gifts and decoration. Candles are considered a luxury good and hence require a luxury pack to make them stand out from others. The reverse tuck style is perfect for Cream Boxes.

Packaging is the need of new brands

Every day we see an emerging brand of skincare products like beauty creams and toners. Beauty creams are manufactured in various textures and for various purposes and all of these are considered royal goods. Just being a royal good is not enough for selling purposes if you have a poorly packaged look. Cream jars come in different shapes and sizes, some wide and short while others cylindrical. These packs can be custom made according to the size. These packs are multipurpose, for selling the cream, for keeping cream jars safe, for carrying the cream, and for storing creams at home. These packs give creams an appealing royal look and help the product stand out from its competitors.

Cosmetic products are one of the highest-selling products in the market. Their demand is increasing with increasing cosmetic brands in the market. One thing that makes these products appealing and unique from other brands is their packaging and use of colors and fonts. Cosmetic products are quite expensive due to their high quality and makeup palettes, nail polishes and lipsticks are quite fragile hence need strong and safe packs. These packs can be custom made in any shape and size according to the product you need them for. These packs are used to store, sell, and carry cosmetic products within. These packs are not strong and can be customized in unique designs to keep the product safe and flourishing in the market.

Getting unique designs of product outlook for cosmetics

Reverse tuck style is best for Cosmetic Boxes. All these packs can be custom made in desired shapes and sizes according to the size and weight of the product. Moreover, the main purpose of custom packs is that they can be designed and printed upon. You can design your brand's logo, brand's name, information about the brand, and the product. This increases the brand's visibility in the market and makes the product stand out. You can add complementary colors and designs to make the pack appealing to customers. Well established packaging attracts the customers unconsciously and they feel safe while using the product. Moreover, with custom packs, you can administer its making and play your role as a citizen to make these packs environment friendly. You can add on desired aesthetics, like scented packs for candles, and order in bulk for your product. These packs are quite affordable and a great choice for emerging businesses.

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