Candle Boxes – Identifying the Right Style of Packaging

Candle Boxes – Identifying the Right Style of Packaging

2019-12-11 12:25:30

You have a candle brand and you’re wondering about how to sell them right? Well, this is a concern of most of the manufacturers out there and not just the candles producers only. They keep wondering how their candles should be packed and given away to customers. You cannot hand the product in their hands without nothing on them. It’s like you heading to the market without any clothes. The candles boxes are clothes of your product that will make it appealing and attractive for everyone who sees it.

Many of those who love candles know that these can be the most ideal thing to gift to someone. They understand all that candles can do. They know that given as a gift, these are the most suitable choice for many because candles intrigue a number of feelings include love, care, affection etc. This is exactly why the packaging should be done in the most appropriate matter with the best quality material that will result in an outlook that is simply amazing for a gift.

How to Make Candle Packaging Selection

We agree that boxes for your candle products is really necessary, but then again you first need to know the purpose and understand why you need these packaging options? If you are planning to sell your candles, then you will be needing boxes in bulk. But these need to be just not any boxes. They need to something printed on them like your name, brand logo and details etc. You can also add in some wishes to make it a bit personalized. For such a purpose, having sturdy candle packaging is your best bet.

There are many printing companies out there that give you the choice to either buy the packaging in wholesale or in a smaller number, depending on your needs. But if you are one of those home-based owners wishing to do things on your own, then here are some selection of candle packaging you might want to look into;

  • You need cardboard of the sturdy type because they need to handle the pressure of shipping and storage. Thus you need to make sure the material you choose is durable enough to handle heavy pressure and be able to retain its shape.
  • The packaging that you choose should have a fine finish to it so that when you cut it, the edges are not rough. They need to be refined and smooth. Because no one will like to have a candle packed in a box that is untidy. Everyone wants a fine looking box that ensures the product inside will also be of fine quality.
  • The material, like again, should have a finish that will allow a fine printing on the packaging or box. If you don’t buy a high quality packaging material, whatever you will have printed on the box will spread or smudge. These are very important factors because a good looking box will leave a lasting impression.
  • Choose a design from the internet that redefines packaging. And if you are creative enough, you can think of a design yourself. But at the end of the day, you need to be careful with the design that it's not too complicated when it comes to opening the box. Remember, the easier it is for customers to open a packaging, their unboxing experience enhances.
  • The packaging needs to be the perfect size of your product, but make sure that you leave teeny tiny space inside; enough that you can easily fit the candles inside without breaking or damaging it.

If you believe you can create Kraft boxes with all these characteristics, then go ahead and start making the packaging yourself.

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