Business of Cosmetic Boxes and Ethics

Business of Cosmetic Boxes and Ethics

2020-06-02 07:50:02

Ethics is the essence of humanity. Most of our problems are the result of our unethical behavior. If we had been behaving ethically, there would have been no wars, no hate, no injustice, no inequality and no other big challenges for us. We, through our unethical way of life, are constantly creating and increasing problems for us. For instance, if those who are in laboratories had not been creating weapons of mass destruction, we would not have been massacring one another. If those who are in power corridors had not been wishing to establish their hegemony, nations would have not been quarrelling together. If the business community had not been involved in contaminating water reservoirs with dirty and poisonous water and industrial waste our water reservoirs would not had been useless. If the industrialists had not been emitting poisonous gases in the air, Ozone layer would not have been damaged. If we had not been involved in all such unethical practices, our planet earth would have been a better place to live in. Although we are late but the things can still be corrected. We still can choose the right path. We still can shun malpractices and can make our lives and home, the planet earth much batter. Therefore, those who are students or lawyers, doctors or farmers, dress designers or manufacturers of cosmetic boxes all should make a promise with themselves to behave ethically for the rest of their lives in order to ensure a better future for our coming generations. Therefore, those who are making or dealing in the wholesale of custom printed cardboard packaging boxes with logo like cosmetic packaging boxes for the cosmetic items of different brands should try their level best to adopt business ethics in order to play their part for the betterment of the realm of business as well as to become credible entrepreneurs. The credibility established by practicing business ethics results in increase of sales. Increase in sales results in enabling the entrepreneur to expand his or her setup. Expansion of business results in increasing the profit further that ultimately makes the entrepreneur leader of his or her field who not only makes progress but also becomes a source of inspiration for others who guides and facilitates them in their journey. Therefore, those who make custom printed retail cardboard packaging boxes with logo, custom cosmetic boxes wholesale or custom display cosmetic packaging boxes should never adopt any unethical way in their lives and ensure to follow business ethics strictly in order to play their part for the betterment of the society as well as to become credible entrepreneurs. Although the business experts suggest a long list of moral values for their community but some salient ones out of these are being discussed below.


If you want to become a good businessperson then you have to be loyal to your workers, colleagues, clients, partners and community. To exhibit this loyalty you never have to work for your interests only instead you always have to value the interests of others as well. You have to make quality products in order to protect end users from any inconvenience. You have to speak truth with your clients. You should not deceive them. You should share your knowledge with them if it can prove worthwhile for them. You should share market intelligence with them in order to enable them to grow without inconvenience. You should not forget that you could not grow alone. If your co-businesses grow, you will also grow and if your co-businesses are not growing you will have to suffer. Therefore, for the common cause of common good you have to learn to work together with your clients, co-business owners and others. You should always remember that your workers are the integral part of your business. Workers play the part of backbone for every business. If the workers work day and night in order to enable you to fulfill the commitments you have made with your clients then it is their right to be cared for as they take care of your setup. If your setup makes progress rapidly because your workers are working hard for it then it is their right to be given their due share. Therefore, if you want to see your workers loyal with you and your setup then you have to be loyal with them. You have o take care of their needs. You have to keep increasing their salaries annually. You should keep giving bonuses to them annually or biannually, if possible. You have to give them other incentives as well. Conveyance allowance, house rent, group health insurance, life insurance and performance bonuses are some of the incentives being offered to the workers worldwide other than their salaries and those of you who are running their cosmetic packaging production units or any other business should also keep giving bonuses to your workers.


Accountability should be a priority for the whole business community. If one has made a fault and has caused loss for one’s co-businesses or clients, one should accept one’s fault and should not hesitate in making oneself accountable before the appropriate authorities. If all of us make a principle to accept our wrong deeds and to present ourselves for accountability, our world would rather become a heaven and will soon become free of crimes. There is a great difference between man and animals and this difference should be obvious before us. Animals have to be punished to train or force them to do the right things while man is a wise creature and knows well about right and wrong so he should exercise the right things himself without any kind of punishment. If we start exercising ethics in all spheres of life, the world will become a better place to live in. Therefore, those who are in the field of cardboard or Kraft packaging and use to make or sell custom boxes should never forget to exercise business ethics under all circumstances in order to make their contribution for the betterment of humanity.

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