Building the Right Loyalty with Vape Packaging

Building the Right Loyalty with Vape Packaging

2019-12-03 05:33:39

Your packaging is a lot more than you actually think. From representing you as a brand to communicating with the masses to grabbing their attention to making them buy your product, this is what packaging can do. The vape packaging of your product actually communicates in a way giving customers a reason why they should really buy from you. It builds up your brand recognition in the best way possible and represents you well enough.

Think about the all famous brick-and-mortar store. A place selling clothes. What is their usual choice for packaging? They use paper bags as their prime choice, just like most of the global chains do. But if they try to get branded boxes for their garments that can easily be topped and make them more popular. Moreover, the customized boxes might not even cost them as much as the paper bags. Being a cheaper solution, and adding a hint of creativity, you can conjure the cardboard boxes with the festive spirit in no time.

When you create a well-thought packaging, you are trying to send out the message that you wish to deliver the best to your customers in all ways possible. They also feel like someone out there who they don’t even know cares about them. It’s just a matter of these small details that you add to your packaging that makes them feel that way.

Packaging Can Help Build Loyalty

It is like a job for the companies to communicate their brand messages to their customers. Because this communication helps customers build their bond with the brand quite strong. Also, this way the brand is trying to address to the customer’s needs in a very effective manner.

Dollar Shave Club is an ideal example of what we are trying to say here. Their packaging is all about talking to the customers. Everything in the package communicates with the audience. Same way, they manage in integrating their audience’s needs with their product. Plus, they have a very unique and clever way of doing it. This leads to the whole unboxing experience. The packaging and unboxing is a bit witty, slightly cocky but at the same time classy.

If you try a little hard, you can do all the same with your packaging and offer the same to your customers. You can create a strong bond with your customers by understanding motivations in the best way possible. But we are not saying you need to hurt your wallet to do that. The only thing you should be focusing on the packaging and it sending out the right message. But that can be done pretty well within a set budget too.

So to make things happen good, you need to study the audience you are targeting. You have to figure out the problems that you tend to solve for them. And you have to make sure that you communicate this factor through and in your packaging design. As a result, they will have one of the most incredible unboxing experiences that will speak for itself.

Let’s Get Viral

You know the power and impact of YouTube, now don’t you! So how about you use this power to get the word out. Just think how impacting that is going to be. Just type in ‘Christmas unboxing’ and you will get tons of videos. And if you check closely, all these videos will have over millions of views. These are the kind of Holiday unboxing videos that can get your word out.

People are just crazy about these videos. And not just the Holiday videos of packages being ripped off and products being unboxed, but also in normal times when there is no event or occasion, people like to share what they bought or got. YouTube thus has the power to get your word out too. So why are you missing out on things?

Think of it this way. You are struggling to make your mark. Trying all hard, but still no luck. But then you create this amazing packaging that offers the most incredible and memorable unboxing experience. And there you go! You’ve just hit the mark and generated an opportunity to go viral. This is one of those opportunities for your brands that you don’t get quite often.

When a customer grabs hold of your product because of your packaging, and likes what it sees. There is a chance the customer will create content related to your product. This potentially created content is a kind of marketing which is one of the best and also free. That’s one thing you get, for free!

And if you have an influencer strategy, the viral thingy can also help with that. You can look up for some influencers and send them your products. They can do the unboxing bit for you, and that too in front of the entire world. They can really help you go viral. Once the unboxing goes viral, that’s really the perfect way to drive lots of customers and boost up the sales.

The influencers have an edge. People listen to what they say. They can say lots of cool things about your brand and showcase you as a star. This thing will definitely appeal to the masses, especially your target audience.

Try to give an amazing unboxing experience through your Retail packaging box and the results will simply dazzle you away.

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