Build Customer Loyalty By Adding a Personal Touch to Lip Balm Boxes

Build Customer Loyalty By Adding a Personal Touch to Lip Balm Boxes

2019-12-12 09:01:36

When we talk about cosmetic products, the package you choose for your lip products can make a huge impact on the customers. If you take care of little things, you can make your lip balm boxes good enough to communicate with customers. Most of the brands often overlook this opportunity to build customer's loyalty. Adding a personal touch to your packaging boxes will help you to drive customers and sales. We are here to provide you with all the possible options to customizing your lip balm packaging by adding a personal touch.

An outstanding unboxing experience

Providing a unique unboxing experience is the most important part of personalized lip balm packaging.  Make your boxes ease to open and close. You can opt for inside print or you can choose to offer a freebie to your customers. An exceptional experience can make you a social media store.

Include sample or discount offers

If you want to target individuals instead of mass marketing, start personalizing the packaging with product samples or discount coupons. It is a unique way to market the new upcoming cosmetic product. It will make customers feel that you care about them.

Add personal notes

Making someone feel special is not a difficult task; a simple sorry or a small thank you always work. As a lip balm brand, you can also thank you your customers for the purchase by adding a handwritten note. For a bad shipping experience, personalized sorry note will make customers feel valued.

Create a series of themed boxes

Themed boxes are always for a special purpose. You can launch a series of the boxes written with appealing taglines. You can print either “Be bold or wear the best" or "We live only once". Search or compose the catchiest tagline and see how your product sales will go high.

Do something fun related

Adding something fun related to your brand will excite the customers. Like you are selling lip balm, you can add a flyer which includes lip care tips. Apart from it, you can add a sponge to remove makeup or a brush to apply the lip products.

Opt for gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is one of the simple and most cost-effective ways to give your customers a personalized experience. You can introduce these custom cosmetic boxes on special events or at the holiday season.  You have to grab a customized gift wrap, some decorative and a ribbon. People will appreciate your effort and give your product a try.

How much do Personalize Packaging Cost?

It all depends on the choice you make. Adding small personal notes doesn't cost more than one dollar. Including discount coupons in the boxes will only raise product sales. You can set aside 1 or 2 percent of your total cost for personalizing the package. It will allow you to choose better options. So, as a cosmetic brand, you should invest in lip balm packaging; it will only result in more profit and revenues.

In the cosmetic world, people will judge your product based on its packaging. It is the most important part of your business success. With personalized boxes, you can add more value to your product. Make the first impression a good one by customizing your custom lip balm and lipstick boxes.

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