Best Custom Kraft Boxes with Free Shipping

Best Custom Kraft Boxes with Free Shipping

2021-02-22 07:25:34

With the growth of environmental concerns, people are becoming increasingly aware of their harmful actions that lead to destruction. For this reason, people are now switching to non-polluting practice which includes the use of sustainable products. This is why Kraft has become a popular choice among businesses. It's a way to get the customer's attention, attracting them towards their brands.

Reasons and Trend of Using Custom Kraft Boxes

Kraft has become increasingly popular among businesses to package their products. There are several reasons for this. Apart from their sustainable nature, Custom Kraft Boxes are also very neutral, giving your packaging a neat, aesthetic look. Let's take a look at the characteristics of this unique material to better understand why it's the most perfect material for packaging your products. So let's get started!

How Kraft Paper is made?

Before we dive into the advantages of this non-polluting material, let's take a look at how it's made. This will help us understand its characteristics in a more insightful manner.

What makes this type of paper different from the others is its preparation process. Kraft paper is made from the Kraft process which involves converting wood into wood pulp, just like the other paper making process.

Wood is made up of lignin and cellulose. Lignin is separated from cellulose by cooking wood chips in a mixture of sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide, also called "white liquor". The reason for separating lignin from cellulose is that cellulose doesn't make good quality paper.

Once this separation process has been completed, you're left with a "black liquor", and solid wood pulp. The next step in the process is to screen this residue to remove any larger pieces. After the completion of the screening process, this pulp is washed to remove any impurities.

The Benefits of Kraft Paper for Packaging

Now that we're aware of the production method of Kraft paper, let's take a look at why it's the best material for packaging any kind of product, ranging from perishable items such as food, to chemical products such as cosmetics.

Here are the advantages of using Kraft as packaging material for any kind of product:

1.    Increased strength compared to other types of paper

The best part about using Kraft for your product packaging is its increased strength, and high durability which come with its strength. Because of its reduced lignin content, Kraft paper is extremely strong in comparison with other paper-based materials which have a higher aligning content. Its increased sulfur ratio also increases its strength. Unlike other paper-based materials such as cardstock, or paper board, the production of Kraft doesn't involve any bleaching which might reduce its strength and durability. You can judge its strength from the fact that "Kraft" itself is the word for "strength" in the German language.

2.    It's a sustainable material

The good thing about Kraft paper is that you aren't damaging the environment when using this non-polluting material. It can use all types of wood for its manufacturing. This includes resinous pine, and even bamboo. Hence, it's a sustainable material. In addition to this, all the chemicals used for the production of Kraft paper, are recovered and reused. This makes it a sustainable process which doesn't cause any harm to the environment. This means you're saving the environment by using Kraft for your products.

As for the byproducts of this paper, they're not recycled, but can be used for other manufacturing processes.

Kraft for Custom Cream Boxes

Since Kraft paper is strong and hard, it offers more protection for what's inside the box. This means it can be used to pack the more delicate products such as cosmetics. It can be customized to make your Custom Cream Boxes look more attractive. As for the durability, this material is very durable because of the reduced lignin content. This means it is going to last much longer than other materials used for packaging, hence making a lasting impression on your customers.

Lightweight Which Reduces Shipping Fees

Even though it is stronger compared to the other material, it's still lightweight. This means it is not only going to be easier to handle and ship your products, but it is also going to lead to a reduction in shipping costs which are added on the basis of the weight of your products. Also it makes a good impression on customers. Since more and more people are switching to more sustainable methods and practices in their daily life, the introduction of a non-polluting method in your company is going to make a good impression on customers. It might lead to you building a chain of loyal customers if they like your product.

Like we mentioned earlier on, in this article, using Kraft for packaging is going to make a good impression on customers. Combining this with the fact that people are switching to sustainable practices, it is also going to help you attract a huge number of customers. This is because, there is a very small number of brands that actually use non-polluting methods in their production processes. Hence, the introduction of Kraft, an environmentally friendly practice in your production is going to draw a large number of customers towards your brand. This will also help you build brand loyalty, if customers actually like your products!

Custom Cosmetic Boxes with Alluring Printing

If you're someone like me who prefers more neutral color schemes compared to bold and vibrant colors, then Kraft is going to be the best option for you. Because of its neutrality, Kraft is much more conducive to creativity. Unlike other types of paper, you can customize it as you please. Kraft is certainly a great option for packaging your products such as cosmetics or even food items. It is perfect to be used as Custom Cosmetic Boxes. Plus, it is also an affordable option for packaging, unlike the other, more expensive materials. This also makes it a great option for start-up businesses that have just entered the market.

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