Amazing packaging design ideas for your lip balm boxes

Amazing packaging design ideas for your lip balm boxes

2019-12-12 08:35:43

Successful entrepreneurs know that creative packaging is as important as the product inside. How well you design your lip balm boxes will say a lot about the quality of the product. Good packaging will not only promote the product, but it will also reveal a significant value to your brand and its place in the market.

Here are some significant design ideas that will help you ace your packaging!

Picking the right shape

The shape of your packaging is directly linked to the experience of the user. Packages that have a unique shape work well in the market and are suitable for the product. Therefore, whether you are aiming to sell your product in a box, cuboid, a circle or a multi-sided box, think it through with your design team.

If you are looking forward to doing something out of the box, you can have incubated two shapes in one package. A circular tank containing the product placed inside a cuboid explains this idea.

Deciding all the important colours

This is another primary factor that grabs the attention of the consumer. To create an impact on the user, packaging designers must know well who their target audience is. This helps contribute to the success of the final design.

Moreover, colours have a psychological response which alters the behaviour of the user. If your intended colours are dull and they hide out vital information, the package will lose its charm and will not sell well.

Eco-friendly options

In a world where people are increasingly getting worried about the health of our planet, companies who aim to work to contribute something in this regard get an edge.

By choosing an eco-friendly item, companies do not just try to protect the environment; they satisfy their consumers as well. This can contribute to your market strategy, as well. People will be included in your items as they will, in return, help them feel good about their contributions to a healthier environment.

Go transparent

Designing a transparent sticker is not an easy task. Graphic designers are put in a fix when asked to create transparent branding. Although it is a tricky job, the good in it is that it highlights your product to your consumer.

The consumer feels satisfied that there will be no surprises inside. They will have an idea of what they are purchasing. Designers can come up with creative ideas on how to use this transparency in their advantage. The colour of the product inside can be used to come in contrast with the text available on the sticker inside the package.

Less is More

A typical mistake packaging designer makes by adding too much information on the package. Yes, it is good that you want to include relevant details but adding too many things will only make a mess.

Avoid the clutter on your package and decide what is essential. If there are things you cannot miss out on you, have the freedom to include them at the back of the product or place a manual inside.

This is a fantastic design idea which can do wonders. A simplistic approach will not hurt anyone. Go for a neutral background and readable text that is not too loud. It will help your consumers understand your product quickly. They would have to struggle to decipher available on the package.

What comes inside

The inside packaging is also a good idea that you can try. If you have a budget and your product required extra cushioning, you should go for something a little more than just a simple box.

The inner sections of the box are the ones where you can get extra information regarding the product. Keeping the theme and colours same you can design the inside of the box as such that it creates an exciting unboxing experience.


There are a lot of creative ideas in which you can help your package stand out. One of them is by using a textured surface that gives a tactile feel to the consumer.

Explore your options. Do not go for the same old cardboard when there is room to do so much more. The type of printing you use is also a significant component of the packaging design process. Use a different material that would bring out the best of your product.

Whether the packaging has embossed printing or glossy surface, decide well among your design team so that you choose the one that is not just under budget, but also suitable for your sales.

Packaging design plays a significant role in how customers behave to aitem. A stylish and attractive soap box will be able to gain more attention from the consumer than the plain old box that people have been using since ages. It is essential to explore options and try unique designs.

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