A short guide to printed display boxes

A short guide to printed display boxes

2020-03-10 10:49:43

When it comes to drawing the attention of customers in stores and retails, you have to opt for some unique packaging solutions. Every brand wants customers to get their product off the shelves, but it is not an easy case. Hundreds of brands and fierce competition make it tough to catch the customer's eye. But display boxes are the ultimate solution to boost sales in the competitive retail environment. The display packaging is to maximize the engagement in the stores. So, it will be foolish to miss out on this great opportunity.

Display packaging boxes if designed in the right way can increase brand awareness, visibility, and product exposure. Usually, brands spend dollars to plan the marketing strategy and to achieve the above goals. But if they work closely with packaging experts, they can have all in one solution. Displays are an innovative packaging form which comes in the form of countertops and floor display. These are not specific for one or two products, they offer variety. Moreover, you can opt for different materials for your displays instead of regular cardboard.

Display containers offer a lot of options to the brands in the term of shape, size, and material. You can choose the best depending on your product requirement. For now, we will discuss only some popular categories which help you to market your product.

Cardboard countertop displays

As the name suggests, countertop displays are usually to place your product on the countertops in an appealing and eye-catching way. It helps to capture the shoppers at the entrance. They are ready to purchase packaging and usually used to showcase small or medium-sized products. Brands opt for countertops to promote their new products and to announce special offers. It captures the customer's attention instantly which results in impulsive sales. You can get the boxes in a custom die-cut shapes for extra appeal.

Small cardboard display boxes

Small cardboard display boxes are especially for the presentation of small products. These packaging boxes usually come in cardboard and corrugated material. They are a sturdy and reliable option which increases the shelf life of the product. You can also get the boxes with packaging inserts for the display of different products in one place. The customized design will help brands to attract customers and to boost up the sales of the product.

Double-deck shelf displays

The most popular and stylish style of display packaging is the double deck. These boxes are usually used to display jewelry and cosmetic items. There are two decks present in the boxes to make the display of your products more effectively. In this way, customers can easily see the product from far. The double decks provide you extra space for the product display. You can also use packaging as an advertising tool for your new products.

Printed retail display packaging

Among all the unique types of display packaging boxes, a common type is printed retail display packaging. Eye-catching design, unique typography, and colorful patterns play their part to appeal to customers. Other than printing, you can use other techniques to make your product a highlight. The use of embossing, gold and foil stamping will make you stand out in the competition. These boxes are also called die-cut boxes because of their print specialty. Color, style, and design make the packaging striking and the product as well. Custom soap packaging boxes are the perfect example.

Power wing custom displays

Power wing displays are the perfect example when you want creativity with the appeal. These are also known as sidekicks. The amazing thing about these is that you can easily attach the boxes to any shelf or any solid structure inside the store. So, retailers place the power wing displays at eye level to catch attraction instantly. These boxes come with a detachable to be placed on shelve or floor. You can easily boost up the sale of your product by customizing the sidekick display packaging.

Custom stand up displays

If you want to make a statement with your product packaging, custom stands up displays are a perfect choice. These boxes usually have a place near the cash counters. So, customers cannot ignore your product on heading out. You can customize the shape and size of standup displays to fit your product needs. The design and appeal of the boxes make sure that customers will come to you for repeat purchases. It is a great way to boost sales and increase product awareness.

Twist and lock displays

If you are looking to promote your product or to inform customers about your new business, twist and lock displays are there to meet the individual need of customers. You can use the boxes to display business cards, leaflets, flyers, and broachers of your brand. The material used for these boxes is a rigid board. You can print the boxes from front and end to increase the audience engagement. You can use them to exhibit your products on different events and trade shows. It appealingly promotes your message.

Brands are constantly looking for ways to expand their business and to get repeat purchases. Display packaging is an ideal solution for soap boxes, candy boxes, cosmetic boxes, and jewelry boxes. About are just a few popular types of display packaging boxes, it has a wide range of categories available according to product specification.

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