A Guide to Making Your Vape Packaging Child Resistant

A Guide to Making Your Vape Packaging Child Resistant

2020-02-14 06:19:37

We all know that packaging has gain considerable popularity with time. But what’s getting even more popular is child-resistant form of packaging. Many industries, especially those of vape are ensure they make their packaging child-resistant, and that too for a good reason. The vape packaging being child resistant is a clever idea because this can be potentially dangerous for the kids.

This is one of those styles of packaging in which the box is not easily open-able. The kids can try all their might but will not be able to open up the box. If a child can open up a box that has something that can potentially harm them, then this type of packaging can be considered vitally important. Other industries include the pharmaceutical, pesticides, bleaching agents to other products that are viable harmful and hazardous not only to the kids but adults as well. Therefore, their packaging is crucially important because children are not aware of their actions and can cause them harm from such products.

You might have heard of various incidents taking place where children are easily attracted to pills, drugs or other similar items thinking them to be candies because of them being colorful. Similarly, some syrups taste sweet and thus they want to take it thinking it’s some sort of juice. This can potentially be dangerous for the kids because if they take more than the required or prescribed intake, it can harm their well-being. With this in mind, relative industries have taken precautionary measures by making their packaging safe and secure. They have not paid more attention to their boxes or packaging being safe enough and child resistant. They understand the fact that there is no other thing as much important as the well-being of the children. Therefore, the custom vape cartridge packaging box need to as safe and secure.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at some of the key factors that one should keep in mind when they are acquiring CR packaging for items that can be potentially dangerous;

The Mechanism to Open

In today’s world, nearly every industry is familiar with the concept of CR packaging. Products need to comply with the CR packaging standards in order to be safe and secure. It should prevent the child from opening up the products easily. They shouldn’t have easy access to the drugs or harmful products. Moreover, the mechanism to open should be tricky enough that no child can easily open it. Only adults should be able to.


There are some really strict packaging instructions and regulations the drug industries should follow. Therefore, all products of cannabis nature should be packed strictly, and require instructions and safety measures for the users. The labeling should be clear and explicit for people to know what to avoid and what not. Moreover, there should also be mention of dosage, usage, precautions, side effects as well as the mention of doctor’s advice before giving it to yourself or your child.

The Testing of CR Packaging

Making the packaging safe is not the only thing you need to do. There are other measures like testing it for being fully secure too. You should ensure by all means that the packaging is child-resistant as mentioned on the box. It is essential to check it a couple times to make sure it’s all good to be dispatched to the world. In fact, every packaging should be tested. You will, this way, ensure that your packaging is strong, secure and safe along with being technical enough that no child can easily access it.

Packaging Opacity

There are many strict policies in the US that the Custom cardboard packaging should never be transparent. The customer should never know what is inside the packaging just by looking at it.

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