A guide to custom lipstick packaging boxes

2019-12-13 13:17:00

custom lipstick packaging boxes

Lipstick is one of the cosmetic products which have die-hard customers. Every woman uses it on a daily basis and feels beautiful. Brands usually choose custom lipstick packaging boxes to represent their cosmetic products. Custom lipstick boxes catch customer’s attention and communicate what they want.

If you own a beauty line or you are just a lipstick brand, the potential of good business isthere.But it doesn’t mean everything will be like a piece of cake. You have to put effort to break the usual, to stand out on the shelves and to a make an impression. The easiest way to do is to use your cosmetic packaging boxes. Custom packaging is the first interaction of customers with the product. If it will not be on point, your lipstick boxes will only gather dust on the shelves.

Designing your custom lipstick boxes in the right way is crucial. Good packaging will make it hard for customers to refuse the product. You need to design the custom packaging boxes so it will make customers scream for your lipsticks. Before starting the designing process, here are some tips from the packaging experts of custom packaging pro.

Know your ideal customers

Requirement gathering is the first step of every process. To know the desires and needs of your targeted audience is the first step of the designing process. You should collect the answers o following questions

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What they want in lipstick packaging boxes?
  • What’s grab their attention?

Do your research or take a tour to the cosmetic store to know better. It is important to know for whom you are designing. It will help to come with successful packaging design.

Present your brand identity

Brand identity is as important as the identity of your ideal customers.  The look of lipstick boxes should match the brand personality. Whether you are a simple and classic, dark and grey or a luxurious brand, the packaging boxes should portray it. It will determine the design elements which you will use. Moreover, the use of logo and brand name will also help customers to get a better idea about you and your products.

Elements of design

Style, color, fonts, and information are the basic elements of any packaging design. First thing is to decide the style of the box. Decide whether you are going for a minimalistic design or a pop one. Style of lipstick boxes wholesale will decide the rest of the elements.

Choose colors according to your brand personality. The colors of the boxes should allow you to stand out in the crowd and also grab customer’s attention at the same time. Next, on the line are fonts. Fonts should be unique, clear, and easy to remember and should not complicate the reading. Last but not least is the information. Info on the custom lipstick boxes should include a product’s image, labels, and warning, graphics and rand elements.

Think about the material

High-Quality material will always result in high-quality packaging. There are so many choices available that you cannot take the decision in one go. Choose your option according to your product and your budget.  You need boxes which are sturdy and should have high-resistance. Box material should also take printing, embossing, foil stamping, and other techniques well. No matter what material you choose, ifit is not eco-friendly then it will not work. If you cannot decide, take the help of a designer.

The right product and right design will help you to come up with the perfect packaging. Custom packaging pro is the high-end supplier of custom packaging boxes.

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