9 Unique ideas for the packaging design of custom cereal boxes

9 Unique ideas for the packaging design of custom cereal boxes

2019-11-29 08:28:09

Designing food packaging might seem a complex process at first but it is not the case every time. Sometimes the most appealing design is the result of a simple pattern. No matter you are designing takeout boxes or custom cereal boxes, it is all about finding the inspiration. Custom packaging is an amazing process that can turn an ordinary box into a high-end package. The food packaging industry is always on go; new design comes and goes on a usual basis.

The food industry is highly competitive due to a large number of new brands keep on entering. Each food item has its own needs and requires a unique packaging solution. But for now, we will only talk about the packaging design of cereal boxes. We will give you some pro tips to design cereal packaging that have the power to influence customers to make a purchase.

Size and shape to match product needs

The best thing about customized cereal boxes is that you can get them in your desired shape, style and size. There will be no issue of too big or too small. Try to choose simple shapes instead of doing something unusual. But it is a fact that opting for something unique will help you to stand out on the shelves.

Providing added protection

Food items are fragile and easily prone to spoilage. The hard and sturdy material will keep the dust or moisture from getting in the boxes. The perfectly sized boxes also provide enhanced protection. Enclosing the cereals in a recyclable plastic bag will also help to ensure safety. Customers feel happy to receive products in perfect condition and will prefer your brand over others.

Using unique material

One more interesting thing about custom cereal box packaging is that these are available in a range of materials. There is no limit to using cardboard or corrugated. But white Kraft is gaining rapid popularity in the food packaging. It is not only affordable but also a recyclable option. But the choice is yours. Keep your product need in mind while selecting the packaging material.

Target your ideal customers

The right packaging design helps to target your ideal customers. You can customize the boxes keeping your customers' needs in mind. From a healthy breakfast to low-calorie food, cereals serve a different purpose. You can have exclusive cereal boxes with anime or cartoon images which specifically targets kid. Using call-to-action like “Low in calories” or “Reduce your plus size" will help to draw health-conscious customers.

Incorporating technology is the new trend

The new trend of incorporating technology into packaging is getting the hype. People love the smart boxes which encourage brands to embed technology for more information and easy access. Cereal packaging boxes with chips or printed QR codes allow customers to know more about the product. It will provide a competitive edge to the brands for honesty and responsibility.

Typography helps to sell the product

The fonts you will choose for your cereal boxes has a major role to play to get sales. By choosing simple and clear typography will help to create an inspirational packaging design. You can take a visit to stores to know what your competitors are up to. Try to be unique but remember the text should be readable and easy to understand.

Use images with minimal design

Simplicity always helps to win the situation. The one packaging trend which will never get old is the use of images and graphics. The right photos will look elegant if used in the right way.  Cereal boxes without graphics will be less appealing and attractive to customers.  Sometimes, a simple design with imagery can do wonders.

Highlight your brand

The advantage of custom packaging is that it allows you to extend your brand image. It is not possible to tell your brand story with the help of standard solutions. With the help of personalization, you can print your brand logo and name on the front. It will act as a free marketing channel for your brand. Cereal boxes with logo will help to gain more exposure.
Prefer sustainable options.

Over the past few years, the food industry is moving towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options. It has forced brands to go for recyclable material and to make the packaging reusable. Kraft, paperboard and recyclable cardboard have replaced the use of plastic or tin containers. It is not the end;companies are working to have edible packaging.

If you prefer to stick to standard options, you are not going anywhere soon. Are you looking for different design samples for your cereal boxes? You can visit the site of custom packaging pro to get the full insight of food packaging including custom popcorn boxes. We always advise our customers with the best.

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