8 tips to make the packaging of lip balm boxes successful

8 tips to make the packaging of lip balm boxes successful

2019-12-13 05:35:33

When you are in the lip balm business, you need to put extra effort into your packaging. There are thousands of brands who are offering the same product as you. But the only thing which differentiates you is custom lip balm boxes. So, as a cosmetic brand, you have to make your product packaging stands out on the shelves. To help you out here are some tips from our side.

Create magic with simple design

You have come across to different packaging designs which are not only elegant but also considered as a masterpiece by their customers. If you observe closely, the brands have kept the design simple from both inside and outside. You can opt for a single cooed box with product name, a logo, brand name and a little piece of information. It's all about the minimal design and ease of use.

Make use of your product

If you want to achieve something exclusive with your custom cosmetic boxes, make use of your product. Make your product apart of the packaging. You can say that the design of the boxes should seem incomplete without showing the product from window cutout. For example, you can print the image of a girl applying lip balm. But instead of using the image you can show the actual product from the plastic window.

Ditch the regular shapes

Sometimes it can be fun to ditch the regular shape of custom boxes lie square, rectangle or any cubical shape. You can choose the style of a jewelry box or the shape of a leaf or it can be anything you like. The unique shape will attract customers to have a closer look at the lip balm retail packaging. It also makes you stand out on the shelves.

Make use of inserts in packaging

When it comes to exceeding customer’s expectations, there are many ways to achieve it. The most simple and elegant ways is to use inserts in the packaging. The correct type of inserts also helps you to stand out and also make brands to choose you for future purchases. It can be discount offers, product samples or gifts.

Storytelling is important

Custom lip balm packaging can help you to tell your brand story creatively. Whether you are telling the facts or creating a fantasy about your product, use of images and graphics will craft it in a better way. You can print the images which truly depicts the story behind your brand or the product. Or with the help of animations and graphics, you can create a fantasy.

Use some creative ideas

When we talk about creativity, you can use little things to design your packaging. For lip balms, you can take inspiration from the internet or can follow the trends. But it doesn’t mean to follow it recklessly. Does your search to know what is trending and how can you make use of it. It all depends on your level of creativity.

Patterns instead of images

Use of patterns can make a simple lip balm box to take over the completion. The patterns are usually considered simple but can give our product a unique look. Striped lines or the floral patterns can make your packaging look artistic. You just have to make the right use of colors and space available.

Don’t set any boundaries

When we talk about the designing of lip balm packaging boxes, you should not limit yourself. If your product is simple or small like lip balm, it doesn’t necessary that the packaging should reflect the same. As we have mentioned earlier, instead of using a regular box you can choose something interesting. Sometimes it is better to go over the board to add uniqueness.

Being a small cosmetic product, it can be a challenging task to design a unique packaging for lip balm and lipstick boxes. But if you seek professional help, you can do it in a much better way. With the help of experts of custom packaging pro, you can get the best cosmetic boxes in the USA.

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