8 must-have for successful custom lip balm display boxes

8 must-have for successful custom lip balm display boxes

2019-12-12 07:42:14

Are thinking of introducing the new lip balm product in the market? Hold on! Have you thought about the tough competition you have to face in retail stores?? You must work on your custom lip balm display boxes to beat the competitors and to remain on the top. The cosmetic market is full of brands ad each one has some high-quality products. The only thing which differentiates among brands is the quality of packaging.
If you want to boost up the sales and want to draw more customers, your lip balm display boxes should have the following elements

It should be appealing

One of the essential features of display packaging is that it should be eye-catchy and attractive. Make your lip-balm visual appealing by using colors, typography, and graphics. Packaging with unique hues instant grabs the attention. It is an important factor when your product has to stand out among the competition.

It should have the right width and height

Your display boxes should look properly designed when placed on counters or shelve-tops. The height and width of the boxes should be right. You can opt for square and rectangular shapes. The density and depth allow for the easy placement of the products.

It should deliver quality

Both the quality and printing of the boxes should be of high-quality. You never know for how long your boxes remain on the shelves. So, the box should not get worn out or look old with time. It can leave a bad impact on customers. Moreover, the images and text should not get dull.

It should have bold and clear text

The text on the display packaging should be bold and clear. So, customers can read it easily from far. You must highlight the product and brand name. It will help customers to identify their favorite products in the crowd.

It should stand out

You must stand out in the crowd when it comes to lip balm display packaging. Your logo is your unique identity and helps to set you apart from the similar brands. Choice of colors, images and a tagline can also help you to be unique. If you look like others, you will hardly see any sales.

Its header should communicate

Custom display boxes come in the form of the dispenser and have a stand made of the cardboard. You can use the header stand to communicate with customers. Print a tagline or any call-to-action to attract attention. You can also use the sides of the box to deliver your brand story.

It should meet the retail standard

Your lip balm display packaging should meet the standard of the retail store where it is placed. If the lip balm retail packaging has a high-standard you should also deliver the same. So, maintain the quality through the whole process to make a stronger impact on customers.

It should be eco-friendly

Eco-friendly packaging is not only important for custom boxes but also for display boxes. Retailers can recycle and reuse the packaging once all the products will be sold out. You can ask retailers to put the used boxes in the recycle bin.

Are your current lip balm display packaging and lipstick boxes good enough to make an impact?? If not, you can follow the above guide to design your cosmetic packaging in a better way. With the help of designers of custom packaging pro, you can have a display which motivates customers to buy the product.

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