7 tips to improve the packaging of wholesale candle boxes

7 tips to improve the packaging of wholesale candle boxes

2019-12-11 07:17:17

Packaging plays a key role in the success of any product. Whether you are selling custom vape boxes or cosmetic boxes, your packaging boxes should be well-designed and innovative. Usually, companies focus on product and ignore the packaging. It is a big mistake which can lead you to failure. The packaging is a way to attract customers, to stand out and to increase sales.

Like other products, candles also need custom packaging and boxes to attract customers.  With high competition in the market, it is hard for brands to draw new customers. Different candle brands have raised their sales by improving their product packaging. Brands should not overlook the fact that how a small change in the design can help their product. If you want your packaging appealing and unique, follow the below-given tips.

Make your boxes reusable

Some custom boxes have such fine quality that you can reuse the box many times. In candle packaging, you should also ensure that it can be recyclable and reusable.  Design your boxes in beautiful colors and design. It will make customers to use the box for storage purposes. It will also result in higher brand recall and retention.

Choose a color to appeal to customers

When it comes to custom packaging, there are many color choices available to you. Everyone has their favorite color and can easily associate with it. You should take advantage of different colors for your custom candle boxes. It helps you to drive sales. You can choose either bold colors or colors from spring. But the best option is to go for neutral and soft colors for your candle boxes wholesale.

Remember less is more

Simplicity is always the key to attract customers for natural products like a candle. With simple and easy packaging you can communicate with customers more easily. If you are not sure how customers will react to the minimal packaging, you can introduce a limited edition and later on expand it if appreciated. Not only in the terms of design but you should also use less material for the manufacturing process.

Consider your brand image

Packaging with a brand identity works in favor of the brand. It is an easy way to tell your customers who are behind this wonderful product. Branded packaging has always a higher edge as compared to plain boxes. Moreover, it will also affect the customer’s post-purchase behavior. As far as you stick with your brand personality and work creatively on the design, your candle packaging boxes will be highly appreciated.

Improve the appeal of the boxes

The visual appeal of the packaging plays a big role in getting more and more customers. The box is the center of attraction in packaging and you can make it more appealing with ornamental design. You can make use of stickers, labels, tags, ribbons, and shimmer. You can use classic shades like white, black, silver and gold. To add a more personal touch to your packaging, try to consider DIY options.

Incorporate green in your boxes

If you are already having a green element in your packaging, you can use a more sustainable option. But if you are lacking eco-friendly element, you will be left behind by other brands. Try to use recyclable and naturally biodegradable material for candle boxes. Focus on being minimal; it will produce less material and energy waste.

Make your packaging transparent

Transparent or clear packaging gives the customer confidence in their purchase decision. A full transparent box is not an ideal option. You can add aplastic window cut-out on the boxes. It will let customers know what they are actually buying. It will build a trust relationship between the brand and customers.

Designing wholesale candle boxes is not a difficult task. You have to invest your time, money and energy. Also, you need to work with a packaging expert. If you are in the need of customized candle packaging, custom packaging pro is the right choice for you.

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