7 Things to Know for Custom Display Boxes

7 Things to Know for Custom Display Boxes

2020-11-13 05:18:41

Custom display packaging has been around for a while, and it has been exceptionally growing as it is convenient and quite affordable for brands. The unique features and unlimited benefits have compelled brands to start using custom Display Boxes to boost sales and grow revenues.  From counter displays to the Floor displays, the packaging is available in various styles. You can attract more customers with a custom display box as compared to a plastic or glass display. It leaves a lasting impact on customers and enhances customer perception of your brand.

Brands must have well-designed display packaging boxes to capture the attention of the targeted market, but before going into the design phase, there are some essential points to consider.

Know your product needs

Choosing the right packaging solution can help to showcase your product safely and effectively for the point of purchase. To select the ideal display box, you must consider your product needs. First of all, you should know what different factors could potentially damage your product. Determine the protection level your product need during storage, shipping, and distribution. Assess safety needs, especially when you are displaying delicate and fragile items. Knowing your product before starting the design process is crucial to choose an ideal option.

Estimate the total cost

After you have accessed the product needs, it is time to know what elements you need in the packaging design and how you can afford it. Estimate the total cost depending on two factors; what your customers need and what you can afford.  It will give you research on the overall cost instead of monthly expenses. Some of the considerations are product costs, box costs, and fulfillment/shipping costs. If you think you will not be able to afford that much for display packaging boxes, you should go for wholesale or buy in bulks.

Build the box prototype first

Marketing is an essential part of drawing customers towards your product, and building a prototype first is the part of marketing.  Another reason to build a prototype is that you will get a lot of photos and videos to share on social media that ultimately excite customers for the upcoming launch of the brand. It will also help you and the vendor in getting the desired results. Go for building a prototype before going into the designing of display packaging boxes.

Know your customers’ expectations

Customers expect the display packaging to be appealing and visual aesthetic. Choosing a plain and dull box will only make customers choose other brands over you. You also have to keep up with the latest trends to draw new customers and to retain old ones as well.  It is not difficult to figure out what customers expect from a brand when it comes to an ideal packaging solution. Taking customer's feedback and learning from past mistakes will help to come up with a better idea of customer's needs.

Keep your boxes visual

Custom boxes should be visually appealing. You have to provide customers something which excites them about the product. The use of graphics, catchy images, fonts, colors, and patterns can grab the attention of shoppers. You can choose custom colors, brandished logo, and can even cover the box with an image for a particular feel. The best sale you will get depends on how your display packaging looks while residing on the countertops. Another crucial point to consider is to make sure that the product should be clear and visible in the display boxes.

Don’t stop after failure

Things happen, and it is okay to feel. Failure should not let you stop. The world is huge, and there is an audience for everything, no matter how bad it is. You need to resonate with the customers in the best possible way to see the desired results. Your first run of display packaging boxes might not go as planned, but the only way to get success is to try again and again. Success is right in front of you, and you can get it with the right approach.

Be social-media worthy

Today is the age of social media. From the smallest incident to breaking news, people share everything on their social media handles. Marketing through social networking sites is the easiest way to promote your product. To make it happen, you should work on the display packaging to make customers share it on social media. Try to stand out and design something which no one is doing. It is an effective way to grow the customer base.

Whether it is a display box or Die Cut Boxes, influencing your customers with custom packaging is not as difficult as it may seem. What you need is some inspiration and the help of a packaging expert.

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