7 Consumer trends for candy boxes packaging

7 Consumer trends for candy boxes packaging

2020-05-08 09:36:52

When it comes to selling your candy product, your packaging should be evolving with customer's demand. To make your product talk of the town, brands need to keep up with the latest packaging trends and customer's needs. There is no doubt in it that the more attractive your candy boxes are, the more you will be able to sell. So, it is crucial to create an interesting packaging design that your customers will love. To make your brand successful, you should know the customer's behavior which influences top candy packaging designs.

Sustainable and natural packaging

Today's customers are becoming eco-conscious more than before. Starting from the product, their demand has now extended to the packaging as well. Whether it is the candies or cosmetic products, consumers demand the boxes which do zero or minimal damage to the environment. Almost 80% of consumers admit that sustainability plays an important role in making a purchase decision. It is one of the reasons that most of the candy brands are using cardboard, corrugated, and paperboard material for the packaging of candy boxes. Encourage customers to reuse the Kraft candy boxes wholesale for different purposes and share their ideas on social media.

Minimalist design is on the top

The minimal and simple design is the top trend for a decade now. Customers also want a fresh and clean look for a candy packaging solution. Brands can't compete in the market with a flashy packaging box. An exaggerated or overdone packaging usually lacks the main purpose of the custom boxes which is to protect and to showcase the product perfectly. The minimalist design also helps you to achieve sustainability factors. Less packaging element means less waste contribution to the environment. So, the trend is not going anywhere soon and will continue to dominate in the coming years.

Personalized packaging design

Customer demand for personalized packaging design is growing day by day. So, candy brands should focus on turning the packaging into a personalized experience. Your candy packaging boxes should communicate all the information which customers are looking for. The most effective way is to insert personal and handwritten notes in the boxes with a special message or greetings. Another method to let customers interact with your product is to incorporate a plastic window to let customers see the actual product. Seasonal or holiday packaging designs are another way to provide a more customized packaging solution for your candy products.

Subscription boxes are ruling the market

If you are an e-commerce brand, you should be following this trend to get more and more sales. Subscription boxes are one of the ways to rule the customer's heart. It is the trend that catches up the hype in the past few years and we are sure it is not going anywhere soon. Nowadays, brands are using subscription boxes for almost everything and you should also use these for candy packaging. Customers love getting subscription boxes because of their convenience and monthly surprises. Incorporate your brand elements and colors to the boxes to make customers appreciate your effort.

Provide an enhanced unboxing experience

Competition in the candy market is very tough. From big brands to small to homemade businesses, you will find different types of candies in the retail stores. So, your brand needs something different to stand out on the shelves. You need to think more than using minimal and eco-friendly boxes. One of the ways to make a stronger impact is to provide an unusual unboxing experience. There are many ways in which you can make the unboxing experience unforgettable for the lifetime. Work on your inner packaging; try to go for the inside print, add something free like a product sample, or just put some personalized notes.

Make use of the technology

Technology plays a major role in today’s life. Whether you want to connect with someone or want to purchase anything, technology has a continuous role. Quick response codes aka QR codes are the driving factors to build your relationship with customers. These are the scannable information printed on the back or sides of the boxes. It helps customers to get the product information right at the spot. It only takes a few seconds to scan the bar codes with your smartphone. In this way, you can educate customers about their purchase and can deliver information in a convenient way.

Include fun element in your boxes

Make your candy boxes with a logo a fun element for your customers. Unique shapes and decorative elements can make your candy box the talk of the town and center of different marketing campaigns. Fun packaging makes customers excited about your product and makes it worth shareable with friends or on social media platforms. Children love candies; you should try to attract your young customers by customizing the boxes according to them. You can print a different comic or puzzle game on the back of the boxes to provide an ultimate experience.

There are some of the popular consumer trends regarding candy packaging, cereal boxes, and other edible products as well.  Brands are adopting these trends to attract more and more customers. Before getting started, you should also do market research and try to know the needs of ideal customers. You will also get the idea of what your competitors are up to. Start incorporating the trends now if you are not using it already.

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