7 Common Packing Mistakes in Cosmetic Packaging

7 Common Packing Mistakes in Cosmetic Packaging

2019-12-11 10:33:44

Like any other industry, cosmetic industry has also revolutionized a lot. Brands are focusing equally on the product and its packaging. Cosmetic packaging plays a vital role in brand success. Attractive labeling is essential for beauty products to make an impression on customers. But there are other things also which matters in the packaging of cosmetic boxes. It needs to stand out, should provide protection, should promote your product and should not break your budget.

Cosmetic brands put a lot of effort in designing the best packaging. But a little mistake in your design can lead to serious issue. If you made an error or mistake, you have to start the whole process from the start. There are some common mistakes which can make customers to choose other products over you.

Below are some common packaging mistakes which you should avoid for your custom cosmetic boxes.

Choosing the wrong size

Choosing the wrong packaging size for your cosmetic products can lead to disappointed customers. Most of the time brands choose one-size box for all products to save money.  The product should properly fit in the box otherwise it will move around in the box. It increases the chance of damaged product. Choose your box depending on the product dimensions and requirements.

Not providing convenience

The most common packaging mistake is “wrap rage”; a packaging box that is difficult to open and not easy to use. This problem is so frustrating that customers will surely choose competitors product for next purchase. Excessive packaging or too complicated design will make it difficult for customers o use the product. A convenient design will help you to fly off the shelves and to boost sales.

Lack of emotional bond

You should connect with your customers on emotional level to build a trust relationship.  It will result in customer’s loyalty towards your brand. Cosmetic boxes should clearly communicate the product information and brand message. Everyone wants to feel special. Personal notes or small gift or discount offer can make customers to come for your products again and again.

A complicated design

Packaging which is too busy will surely put off your customers. Leave some empty space on the boxes. Don’t put excessive and unnecessary information, it will look complicated. In designing of cosmetic boxes, consider what you should place on the front, back and side of the boxes. Information should be clear and simple. It will help customers to fully understand the product.

Low-quality boxes

Enclosing a high-quality product in a low-quality box is a serious mistake. A poor quality packaging will ruin your reputation and affect sales. Customers will not your product by considering them as low-end. If your cosmetic product look attractive but can damage or beak easily, it will affect customer’s post-purchase behavior in a wrong way.

Ignoring the green factor

If your packaging isn’t green, you are missing a big opportunity. People are becoming aware of harmful effects of plastic on the environment. So, try to minimize the use of plastic in your cosmetic boxes. Choose eco-friendly material for the custom boxes to fulfill the need of recyclable packaging.

Wrong or incomplete information

In cosmetic stores, we usually come across such products which have wrong or incomplete information. If you want to create a professional image of your brand, you need to be extra careful with labeling. Wrong expiration date, incomplete usage information and not mentioning product’s components can lead to serious issues. Always check your cosmetic boxes before its dispatch.

You should avid the above listed mistakes to design the perfect packaging for vape cartridges. Cosmetic boxes need to be perfect in all manners.  If you are looking for a packaging company to design the best cosmetic boxes in town,  contact custom packaging pro to get the right help at right time.

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