7 affordable ways for premium custom lipstick packaging boxes

7 affordable ways for premium custom lipstick packaging boxes

2019-12-12 07:51:19

Custom packaging helps you to get a competitive edge in the market and it has more chances to get noticed. But designing a premium design for custom lipstick packaging boxes can disturb your budget especially if you are a small cosmetic brand. If you don't have a budget, there are still some ways in which you can afford a premium package for your lipstick boxes.

Let’s have a look at some of the cost-effective ways through which you can compete in the market

A paperboard is a cost-effective option

When it comes to lipstick packaging, try to use folding cartons instead of rigid boxes.  It can cut your cost.  Paperboard is one of the cost-effective options for small cosmetic items. These boxes are as durable as other options.  You can also store and ship these boxes flat. Paperboard is also recyclable and are usable option. If you customize the box, your cost will remain less as compared to rigid packaging.

Opt for a box small in size

The smaller the box, the better it will get. Lipstick is a small cosmetic item.  You can easily get a box which fits the product perfectly. Small boxes add up a little to your cost. Less material is required and the manufacturing process is also easy on your pockets. It will help you in the big run as you don't have to pay for the void and also reduce the shipping cost.

Keep your focus on the design

If you choose your printing options and the manufacturer carefully, you can save yourself from paying the extra customization fee. Many packaging suppliers offer artwork and design at affordable rates. Seasonal offers are the best way to get special discounts. If you are a small brand, you can choose a minimal design option in the form of lipstick boxes with logo. Big cosmetic brands adopt this strategy to create a sophisticated and classy packaging.

Simplicity will go a long way

Simple and minimal design can help you to have a premium packaging for lipstick boxes. If you opt for a complex shape or style, it can hurt your sales, especially in retail stores. If you don't want any negative reviews, simplify the box. Opt for a simple structure, don’t bombard the box with unnecessary text or images, and choose colors that are easy on eyes. With a clean design, you can deliver your message in a better way.

Make a stronger connection with customers

The customers will return to your brand not only because of the product nut the packaging and whole purchase experience also counts. From the outside to the inside, every little matter that how you will engage your customers. A memorable unboxing experience can help to retain customers. So, make use of packaging inserts like handwritten notes, thank you notes, discount offers or a sample product. It will let customers know that you care about them.

Think about the final touch

Are you thinking to add a luxurious touch to your custom liquid lipstick packaging? Coating, foil stamping, and lamination can be the final touch to create a premium box. There are various cost-effective options available which you can apply to finish your design process like a pro. It will enhance the design and appeal of the package. Moreover, it also adds value to the texture and feel.

Always order in bulk

If you are aiming to save some packaging cost, book your order of lipstick boxes in bulk. It will help you to get the best deal. The more you order the price per unit will go down. When it comes to custom packaging, placing a large order will decrease our cost by half. Always think about your budget and calculate your cost per unit.

Above ideas can help to design a premium packaging not only for lipstick boxes but also for custom lip balm display boxes. If you are looking for some affordable ways to cut down packaging cost, check out for different options at custom packaging pro.

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