6 ways to make bath bomb packaging boxes more brandable

6 ways to make bath bomb packaging boxes more brandable

2019-12-12 07:59:16

Designing your packaging boxes effectively plays a key role to develop a positive brand image. As a business owner, if you think that products matter the most, you are unintentionally preparing yourself for failure. Let's talk about bath bomb packaging boxes. If designed correctly, these boxes can communicate many things and will act as a silent salesman for your bath bombs.

Customers don't just pick up the first product they see on the shelves. They dive into the details to know more about the product and brand especially when it is their first experience. So, if as a bath bomb you want to stand out in the crowd, you should design a branded packaging for your product. Here are some important points for your consideration

Incorporate your logo

The logo is the unique identity of your brand which distinguishes you from the others. Whether you are selling soaps or bath bombs brand logo on the boxes matters. You can choose a simple placement or the logo design on all the sides of the box. Bath bomb boxes with logo, you will get more visibility and exposure as compared to plain packaging.

Communicate your brand story

Telling your brand story with the help of images and tagline is one of the easy bath bomb packaging solutions. If you want to send a social message or want to tell your success story, taglines and graphics are the best choices. You will get two benefits in one ticket; customized design and better communication channel.

You need to stand out

Branded packaging always helps you to stand out on the shelves.  Not only logo but other elements also play their role. For bath bombs, brands usually choose plain brown box but you can ditch the tradition and opt for a customized look. Customers will instantly pick the product which looks different.  For something extra, you can customize the shape instead of square or rectangular.

Use custom stickers and labels

Custom stickers and labels are the cheapest solutions for branded packaging. If you don't have a budget for print, customize logos are here to help. You can also buy these in bulk to save a good amount. You can use them for logo placement and information labeling. You can customize the color, size, shape, and text of the stickers according to your product.

Use of brand colors

Using brand colors in your bath bomb packaging is a great way to make customers familiar with your new product line. If you are a famous name in the market, branded packaging will help customers to identify the new products from their favorite brand. Colors evoke emotions and it influences customer's purchase decision. So, it will be wise to use your brand colors instead of looking for new options.

A memorable un boxing experience

Custom bat bomb boxes help you to give a branded packaging and shipping experience to customers. Various packaging inserts like personal notes, custom tissues or discount offers can make the whole un boxing experience more brand able. You can customize the inserts depending upon the product.

Branded packaging helps you to display your products effectively. With the help of the above guide, you can design custom soap packaging and bath bomb packaging for marketing and band promotion.

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