6 things to avoid in custom retail packaging

6 things to avoid in custom retail packaging

2019-12-13 07:53:26

When it comes to retail packaging, your boxes need to look great and should protect the product. For retail products, you should not solely focus on the product. As there is tough competition in stores and you have to stand out. Custom retail packaging wholesale is crucial to make an impression on customers. It ensures the product safety on the retailer’s shelves and until the product reaches into the customer’s hand.

Brands put up a lot of effort to get their products on the shelves. It needs your packaging boxes to show maximum performance in order to get noticed.Customers should feel positive about the whole retail experience. If you are planning to design the perfect retail boxes, here are few things to avoid.

Un-stackable containers

Retail boxes that aren’t easy to stack or place on the shelves will not get anyplace at the front. That’s why square and rectangular shaped boxes will be best for custom packaging wholesale. Also, the retail boxes should not be bulky and too largein length.

Boxes with void space

Brands usually make a mistake by placing a small product in a big box. It will disappoint customers when they will open the box. It will also increase the risk of damaged product because the product will not fit in the box. Retailers don’t want unhappy customers and it is also not good for you.

Not so durable packaging

For retail packaging solution, you need boxes made of high-quality material. Your retail packaging boxes should minimize the risk of any wear and tear.  Your product should remain intact until it reaches the stores and at the customer’s place. Also, the boxes should not be deformed or look dull with the time. You never know for how long your product will remain on shelves.

Avoid oddly shaped boxes

Opt for simple shape and style for your retail packaging boxes.  Retailers usual avoid the boxes which have an odd shape. It will increase the risk of fall and damaged product.  You need boxes which provide ease of use and maximize the shelve space for other products. Select boxes with plain and firm bottom.

Packaging without enough information

While in stores, customers pick the boxes to examine it properly. If your retail packaging boxes don’t provide the needed information, customers will not give it a second chance. Your custom retail boxes should have product information; its name, ingredients, manufacturing and expiration date. Company information is also important to let customers know more about you.

Should not be tamper-evident

Mostly customers curiously open a box placed on the shelves to see the actual product. If you want to allow your customers to see the product, you should design the cardboard boxes with proper resealing. It should not look tampered or opened before. Customers will not buy a product that already seemed open.  The best option is to opt for boxes with plastic windows on the top and front.

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