6 must-haves for wholesale soap boxes

6 must-haves for wholesale soap boxes

2019-12-12 12:38:16

Soap packaging is changing day by day.  Soap brands are looking for unique ideas for packaging of wholesale soap boxes.There is no magic spell to create a powerful packaging design. Right design element will always work to attract customer and to influence their decision.  Apart from being appealing, the packaging should also be communicative. It has to answer the following question; what is the product and why one should buy it.

After grabbing the customer’s attention, the next important thing is the information you are going to put on the soap boxes. The information is an essential part of communication with the customers. The information on the boxes should be easy to read and follow. Packaging which communicates well has higher chances to get sales.

Let’s check out the list of some essential labels for your custom soap packaging.

Brand information

The first and foremost important element to put on the custom boxes is the brand’s information. A product without any identity is like a lost piece. Let your customers know who is behind the amazing soap bar. A well-placed name and logo will help customers to connect with your brand. It is an easy way to build a brand identity.

Product’s information

After putting company information, the next thing is the product’s information. Buyers should have complete information on the soap. Putting the soap name and type is not enough. The soap boxes should also have soap’s ingredients, its benefits, manufacturing date, expiration date, and bar code. You can also put any precautions needed while using the soap.

Contact details

To connect directly with customers, completecontact information is necessary.  Apart from the brand name,wholesale soap packaging boxes should also have a company phonenumber and address. Website address and email can also be part of it. In this era of internet, social media handles are necessary to connect with a wider audience.


A call-to-action is an interactive packaging element which can help you to drive sales. It is usually a sentence to compel customers to buy a specific product. It can be in the form of a discount offer or a freebie. Taglines like “buy one get one free” or”get 10 percent discount on each purchase” will help to raise sales.

Size and weight

Customers should also know the technical information about the soap bar. Mention the bar size and weight on the boxes. Front or back will be a suitable place to put the technical details.  People usually avail this piece of information to the compared product of different brands.

Functional benefits

Mentioning a product’s benefits is a very essential inclusion. Tell your customers what the product does. It doesn’t mean to fill the box with unnecessary wordings. Just highlight the feature benefits of soap. Sometimes customers made a purchase decision due to its unique benefits. So, don’t miss the opportunity.

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