6 Different Type of Kraft Paper Boxes Wholesale

6 Different Type of Kraft Paper Boxes Wholesale

2019-12-12 06:34:52

When it comes to product packaging, there are different types of custom boxes available. You can choose the best option according to the requirement and need for your product. Most of the companies and brands prefer custom cardboard boxes as the packaging solution. But Kraft paper boxes are also gaining popularity due to its eco-friendly nature. Kraft boxes offer the same features as cardboard material but Kraft is more cheap and recyclable. These boxes provide a diverse range of product packaging.

Kraft paper has revolutionized the world of the packaging industry. The high-quality pine material is used in the manufacturing of Kraft. The material is easily accessible and is quite cheap as compared to other packaging material. The most important feature of Kraft is the recyclability and reusability. After usage, the boxes decompose of naturally. Also, the material can be cycled again and again to manufacture new boxes. Kraft packaging is durable and strong to withstand the weight of heavy products.

There are different types of custom Kraft boxes available to package a variety of products. These are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Have a look at the different type of Kraft boxes and their advantages.

Kraft boxes as counter display

Counter display boxes made of Kraft are popular in retail stores. The retailer can display cosmetic, jewelry and other items as counter-tops. With a little customization, Kraft display boxes can help to impress customers and influence their purchase decision. With the logo on the boxes, you can turn the counter display into a marketing channel. These boxes don’t’ require much space on shelves. It makes Kraft boxes favorite among retailers.

Kraft bakery boxes wholesale

When it comes to the packaging of food items, Kraft boxes are a perfect choice. These boxes are mostly used to deliver food items to customers. Kraft bakery boxes are a preferable option for cake, pastries, pizza, and other bakery items. The durable material of the boxes keeps the food and maintains its taste for a longer period. If you are in a bakery business, Kraft bakery boxes will help you to be successful.

Kraft gift packaging solution

Gift boxes are the most popular one among Kraft packaging. These boxes are best to present your gift at birthdays, anniversaries, and at weddings. You can also use Kraft boxes to pack wedding favors. Free you from the hassle of wrapping the gift, Kraft gift boxes give extra touch by adding colors and appeal. Also, it doesn’t put a burden on your pockets.

Mailer Kraft boxes

If you are in the subscription business, you must know the importance of mailer boxes. Kraft mailer boxes help you to deliver products to the customer safely and securely. Companies usually prefer Kraft for shipping and delivery due to its durable nature. These boxes reduce the risk of damage and reduce negative reviews. For fragile items, self-locking Kraft die-cut boxes provide a complete answer to all need.

Kraft packaging as takeaway boxes

If you observe carefully, you will notice most of the Chinese food boxes are of Kraft paper. Kraft takeaway boxes have oil lamination inside to keep the food hot and fresh. You can also get Kraft boxes with a window cut out to see through. It keeps the food from spoiling and will maintain its taste. That’s why. Kraft boxes are the first choice in the food industry.

Sliding drawer Kraft boxes

Sliding Kraft boxes come with a sliding drawer and cover on the top. You can fold the box and can ship them flat to save your cost. You can use these boxes to pack a range of products. From bakery items to jewelry, Sliding drawer boxes are perfect for every product.

Kraft paper boxes wholesale are the right packaging solution for all products. These boxes are recyclable, biodegradable and quite cheap when compared to other custom boxes. If you need any help regarding Kraft packaging, contact custom packaging pro to get the best advice.

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