6 Cool ideas for bath bomb packaging

6 Cool ideas for bath bomb packaging

2019-12-13 06:00:09

Bath bombs are the small bundle of happiness packed in customized boxes. These little and squared shaped bombs come in custom bath bomb packaging. Different types of bath bombs are available in the market which makes it hard for customers to choose the best. One thing on which you can rely on to make an instant decision is packaging.If your packaging will be on point, you can attract more customers and draw more sales.

Custom boxes are usually an ideal solution for the packaging of bath bombs. To standout in the market, you have to do design innovative and unique packaging boxes. But in the desire of designing something unique, don’t go the extra mile that it can be difficult for customers to understand the packaging. There are some smart and cool ways to design a bomb packaging.

Let’s have a look at some cool and unique packaging ideas for bath bombs boxes

Use boxes with die cut

Die-cut boxes are popular and used for a variety of products. It is a classic and affordable way to package your bath bombs. There are several options available like seal end structure, reverse tuck end and straight tuck end boxes. Die-cut structure automatically increases customer’s interest in your product.

Go for outside and inside print

Print on the inside of bath bomb boxes will be a surprise for customers. Like an outside print, you can also print the inside of the box with different print and graphics. It is a cost-effective way to make a lasting impression on customers and providing an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Make use of packaging inserts

With the help of packaging inserts, you can make your customers feel special. Inserts like tissues, special thank you notes, freebies and discount coupons will provide your customers with a branded experience. Adding an insert in bath bomb packaging will not cost you much and it can heighten the whole unboxing process.

Stickers and labels are important

Finishing options like stickers and labels are important for your custom packaging boxes. You can put the customized stickers on the outside or inside of the boxes. By using labels and stickers, you can save the cost for printed boxes.

Deliver quality and luxury

Embossing, debossing, UV coating gold and foil stamping are the way to give your bath bomb boxes a luxurious touch. It will give your product packaging embellishment and increase its visual appeal. These options are way more affordable than before. Custom packaging pro offers affordable rates for various finishing options.

Sleeve boxes are trending

Using custom sleeves is a smart way to present your bath bombs to customers. It is a unique way to stand out and to highlight branding. You can pack more than a single product in the soap sleeves boxes. Customers can also reuse the boxes instead of throwing. 

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