6 Advantages of using large gable boxes

6 Advantages of using large gable boxes

2020-04-21 08:52:58

Have you heard or seen the unique custom boxes with handles in retail stores or at someone's house? This innovative style of packaging is known as custom gable boxes. The boxes are not unique in shape, but also hold the product perfectly for gift packaging, retail products, and even for food delivery. When it comes to the Gable packaging boxes, the most popular among all is large gable boxes. Stand out from the crowd with creative and attractive gable boxes.

Large gable packaging boxes are just like other boxes in this style, but they come in a large size to meet the need for retail packaging, safe delivery of goods, and easy product packaging. These boxes are all in one solution and efficiently meet the packaging needs of every product. Whether you want to advertise your brand or need a more secure packaging solution, gable boxes can do all for you. Let's have a look at some of the common advantages of the boxes.

Gable boxes offer flexibility

One of the best things about large-sized gable boxes is that you can use them for any products. Whether it is your clothing brand or you want ideal packaging for cake delivery, the boxes can be customized to suit different product's requirements. That's why more and more brands are opting for gable packaging as an ideal solution. Moreover, you can pack several items in one large box by using cardboard packaging inserts. You can get gable boxes in different styles. Most popular white gable box, Kraft gable box wholesale, and printed gable box.  You can also turn the boxes into attractive storage boxes.

Advertise your brand in a professional way

When it comes to brand promotion and advertising, you don't have to spend much on it. You can easily meet your marketing goal with gable boxes available in large sizes. These boxes have enough space that you can easily print any information that you want to provide to your customers. If you want to build a unique brand identity, logo and brand name can do that for you. If you want to communicate your brand message or story, use bold typography and colors to catch the customers. These boxes are flexible enough that you can customize them as per your marketing needs.

Protects your product

Some people have this misconception that large gable packaging boxes are not as sturdy as other custom boxes. The most common material for the boxes is the cardboard which provides the best protection without any doubt. If you want to skip on cardboard this time, there is another durable option for you; Kraft gable boxes. Kraft is also one of the highly protective materials which enhance the brand image by providing recyclability factors. It is the durability of the boxes which is making brands to choose them for transporting and shipping purposes. Not only the material protects the product, but it also increases the life of the boxes.

A perfect solution for a variety of products

Another amazing benefit which gable packaging provides is that it is suitable for almost all kinds of products. It is the best feature of large gable packaging boxes that you can't get with small-sized boxes. Whether you want to package several jewelry items at one place or require gift packaging for the holiday season, these boxes are capable of everything. When gable boxes are first introduced in the market, their sole purpose is the food packaging. But it is not the case anymore. Advancement in the packaging industry has made the gable boxes a perfect solution for all kinds of products.

They have recyclable property

Nowadays, customers only prefer to buy the products which come in eco-friendly packaging solution. They don't want to be a part of the brands that are responsible for environmental threats. If you also want to save your brand from the customer's backlash, gable boxes in large sizes are an ideal choice. Some of these boxes are partially recyclable, and some are full. It depends on you what material you choose for the boxes. Cardboard is recyclable to 80-90 percent, whereas Kraft is a fully recyclable option. You can choose any material, but make sure to encourage the customers for reusing and recycling the boxes.

It is a cost-effective option

We might know what you are thinking right now? You must be worried about the high cost of the large-sized boxes. But you are wrong! These boxes are a cost-effective option and are easily affordable by everyone. If you have several products to pack, you can place your order at wholesale. Buying in bulk always proves to be the solution to cut down the cost. These boxes may be slightly costly than small-sized boxes, but it is worth investing for. You will get a lot in return. You will have a free brand advertisement, product protection, more sales, and a good brand image. Paying a little more for all the above benefits is sensible.

Large gable packaging boxes are an ideal solution to pack several items. These boxes are easy to use, assemble, and have an appealing look. It will be hard for customers to ignore the product when packed in gable boxes. Gable retail display boxes are the best example of an ideal product packaging. You can get the boxes in various styles to meet your product requirements.

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