5 Ways to Make Your Playing Card Packaging Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Playing Card Packaging Stand Out

2020-07-27 13:43:06

Playing cards are a great way to spend leisure time and enjoy with friends or family. With so many card games in the market, there's a spike in need of Playing Card Packaging. If you're planning to make a card game or you're in the business of selling playing cards, you need to up your game, as there is a fierce competition out there.

Back in the day, everyone was using the same techniques because of the limitations in terms of material availability and designs. Nowadays, there's a plethora of design and material options, so you're not short of them. If you want to learn how you can make playing cards look more desirable, keep reading the guide.

Use of boxes for Playing Cards

Before we discuss tips for embellishing the outlook of playing cards, we'll talk about the packing that is required for cards. Quite understandably, the material needs to be sturdy as cards weigh quite a bit. Depending on the size of the cards, you can choose paper boxes or cardboard boxes. Whatever material you select, make sure that it's eco-friendly and cheap.

Secondly, the material must be able to withstand pressure and moisture. If water passed through the packing of playing cards and made them wet, they'd be useless. Thus, you need a sturdy material that won't start breaking apart upon coming in contact with water. Thick cardboard stock is preferred for this because it is suitable for shipping and display of cards at the retail center.

Cardboard displays provide a wonderful display of products especially when it is about showing their clear features on the point of purchase. It also allows the manufacturer to showcase multiple decks so the customers can easily grab them from it. Plus, there are number of types for displays having different functionalities and usability. If you want your cards to get customer attention then it is the best design because it makes the small items prominent in the store.

Tips for Decorative box design for Cards

Depending on whether you need the card for personal use or selling, there are different ways in which you can make them stand out. From embossing to printing, the design options are only increasing day by day. If you employ a little creativity, you’re playing cards will be unique and attractive.

Printing Company Name and Logo

The easiest way to make your playing cards unique from others is to print the company's name and logo on them. For example, when you buy UNO cards, the name and logo are large and bold on the pack. The design is so popular that you can guess its UNO cards without having to read the name.

If you want your brand to have the same impact on people, replace the neutral, simple packing with the customized version. With your company's name on the front, whenever someone plays the cards, they'll be reminded of your company.

Window Boxes for Playing Cards

Card games are quite fun, especially when they have exciting rules and playing methods. Also, the design of the actual cards is intriguing for most players. So, if you have windows on the box packaging, it will give your customers a sneak peek of what to expect inside.

Along with increasing interest, it also adds a touch of uniqueness to your playing cards. You can put the company's name above the window so that people are bound to read it when they're looking at the card design through the window.

Personalized Playing Cards

If you've made personalized playing cards for a bridal shower or friends' hangout, you can get attractive enclosure for it. For example, you can make it funny by putting an inside joke of your friend group on the cover or printing a silly picture. Similarly, you can personalize the playing cards for the event or holiday you're celebrating.

Minimalistic Design

A common trend these days is to keep the overall design minimalistic as it attracts more attention and gives you the liberty to showcase your message with ease. While most companies tend to go for white as the background, you can choose any color of your liking.

Print on the foreground with a contrasting color to make the presentation exciting and attractive. For example, the popular card game 'We are not strangers' has a white background with red printing. Along with looking chic and sophisticated, the message is also quite clear as it doesn't get lost in all the textual clutter.

Golden/Silver Playing Cards

If you really want to do something that not many people are doing, then you should opt for silver or golden packaging for playing cards. First of all, it's unique, so there won't be a clash of design between your company and some others. Secondly, you can make the design sparkly and shiny by adding a sheet onto it. It's something that looks best with gold and silver, so take advantage of the color selection.

With options like Kraft Packaging and paper boxes, there are so many ways to make your playing cards different from others. It's up to you how creative you wish to be with the process. We have discussed some ways to spice up your simple product and make them stand out from all the other playing cards in the market.

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