5 Properties Candle Boxes Should Have

5 Properties Candle Boxes Should Have

2020-08-31 08:04:30

There was a time when people used lamps and candles for doing everything after the sun had gone down. But with the advent of electricity, everything changed. People started using electric lamps and lights. Now candles have become only an aesthetic and a romantic item. People use candles at romantic candle lit dinners with their significant others, or use scented candles at homes. Due to them being nothing more than an aesthetic item, the designing and styles of Candle Boxes has also changed considerably. That is also because candles have become among the well appreciated and widely given gift as well.

Boxes of candles for protection

Candles are made of wax. It can easily melt when the temperature rises. Not only that, because they are made out of wax, a little pressure or extra weight on them can cause them to lose their structure and shape as well. In the previous age, the candles only came in a single style and that was straight pencil like candles. They could easily be packed only in polythene bags and be shipped. But as explained above, now the candles have a lot more aesthetic value. So in order to complement their design, they are packaged in stylish and captivating packaging as well. There are a number of techniques in which they are styles and presented. Some of those techniques are as under.

Modern graphics & box designs

The first and the foremost thing that the customer sees in a certain packaging is the graphics and fonts that have been used for the brand name as well as the different information that is displayed. In order to make the graphics even more catchy and captivating, you can also use various techniques like debossing, embossing, laser printing and a number of other as well. This will add a lot of aesthetic value to your candle container as well.

Fancy color schemes

Another popular technique to get the attention of the customer is to use captivating and attractive color schemes. Not only that, you can also use different colors for different types of candles packages. For example, if you are packing a romantic candle for a candle lit dinner, you can give it a red color. For different scented candles, you can use the color that associates with that smell. This will give a more personalized look to your packaging as well.

Shiny finishing

The final part that can add a lot of value to the packaging is the finishing. There are a number of techniques that help in making the packaging more aesthetically pleasing. For example, you can coat the simple cardboard box with a simple matte or glass coating. This further gives a very premium feel whenever the client holds them in the hand, which will help you in making a sale.

There are a number of materials available, using which you can make an impressive container for your box. These materials offer a lot more durability and protection to the candles, as well as protect them against various external and environmental hazards like moisture, humidity and excess heat. Not only that, there are also a number of different styles as well, that will add even more value to your product as well. The various materials that are used, and a number of different styles that can you can use. Some of those are as follows.

Window display

This is creative, stylish and suitable style, if you are looking to display your candles on retailer’s shelves. This type of box comes with a window cut on the side of it, due to which the customer is able to look at the candle that is inside it. Apart from stylish candles, this is also most suitable for scented candles because it allows the customer to take a whiff of the scent as well. This further adds a lot more value to the packaging.

Durable material

Among widely used material for making boxes for candles is corrugated material. The reason is that the flutes in this material protect the candles from impacts. This also helps them in preserving the shape. As every sensible businessman knows, if the item is not delivered to the customer in proper shape, the customer will return the item or want a replacement. Both of these put a lot of extra burden on the already thin profit margins. Not only that, it also brings a bad name to the brand as well as the business, due to which the customer loose interest in your brand name.

Another type that is most widely used for shipping as well as packing candles is rigid containers. These are beautiful, non-bendable and aesthetically pleasing type of containers. The reason that they are used is they can withstand a lot of external pressure, as well as protect the candles against impacts and shocks, that they might receive while they are being shipped.

The most common type used for candles are Kraft Boxes. There are various reasons for using this material, but probably the most important one, in current time is that this material is eco-friendly. A folding carton made out of Kraft can easily be recycled and used again. Not only that, it is also sturdy and durable type of material, which can be printed as well as coated with a number of different materials as well to give a glossy or a matte look.

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