5 ideas for Green Custom Packaging Boxes

5 ideas for Green Custom Packaging Boxes

2019-12-16 10:24:16

The amount of waste filling the landscape is increasing day by day. Every one of us has little or more contribution to littering the environment. But you can reduce it by using custom packaging boxes. From food items to grocery products, everything we buy ends up in some kind of waste mostly the packaging boxes. Most usually throw away the packaging as soon as the content is out of the box.

More and more people are becoming aware of the harmful effect of packaging on the environment. That’s why brands are more conscious now and are looking for ways to incorporate the green element in their custom boxes.Packaging companies like custom packaging proare streamlining their packaging with more sustainablepractices. It will be beneficial for the businesses to use material and method that have a positive impact on the earth.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to design eco-friendly packaging for your products

Right Size Matters

Less the material used in the manufacture less will be the cost and energy waste. Choosingthe right size of the box will also helpto minimize the packaging. These boxes are also light in weight which optimizestheshipping process. First of all, trim the fat by not going for over-sized boxes. Secondly, choose the material which is light in weight and also sturdy. Also, reduce the number of layers of packaging.

Recyclable And Green Material

Cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, paperboard and plastic are the materialswhich are easy to recycle.You can also reuse the material to create new boxes.  If you are using plastic, go for biodegradable instead of the traditional one. These materials will have zero negative impact on the environment. It improves your reputation and helps to draw more sales.

Opt For Minimal Packaging

Filling your custom packaging boxes with unnecessary material is not good. Unboxing videos was the top trend in past days but now people are aware of its wastefulness. You can make the unboxing experience memorable by going for green unboxing.Mention in your unboxing videos that being minimal is the part of your brand vision. It will help you to stand out and to make an impression on customers.

Reduce Waste Of Energy

Different eco-friendly materials help you to achieve sustainable packaging.  But you should focus on one more thing; energy waste. Choose a material which takes less energy in the manufacturing process. Kraft Boxes paper is the most suitable as it produces less energy waste and reduces cost. Custom boxes are light in weight which also results in less energy usage.

Encourage The Reuse

One of the simplest ways to be sustainable is to encourage customers to reuse the packaging for good. Create high-quality packaging will make customers reuse the boxes again and again.  You can also ask them to return the packaging boxes to the company. Use the old boxes material to manufacture new ones.

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