4 Ways Custom Cardboard Boxes Can Save Your Money

4 Ways Custom Cardboard Boxes Can Save Your Money

2019-12-12 06:38:20

You have a great product in hands and now looking for a great packaging solution, don’t compromise on less. Saving money on the packaging by opting for low-quality will cost you big time in the future. Investing in high-quality packaging is worth it. If you are looking for an affordable option, Cardboard boxes are the ultimate solution for the packaging of a variety of products. Cardboard is not only cheap but you can save some extra in the long run.

In custom packaging, you have to invest some extra money at the start but in the end, you will enjoy the profit and revenues.  Cardboard packaging is quite reasonable as compared to other options available. Custom boxes need to protect the goods, should be attractive and reusable. Cardboard boxes have the ability to fulfill the above requirements. Apart from packaging, these boxes serve many purposes from storage to shipping.

Here are some ways in which cardboard packaging can help you to save money

Help to reduce shipping cost

If you are in an online retail business, the most important feature of packaging is to ship your products without damage. Safe and secure delivery reduces the risk of damage which results in increased profit. Cardboard containers are the most used ones as shipping boxes, mailer boxes, and subscription boxes. The main reason is it ultimately helps to reduce the shipping cost.

Cardboard packaging doesn’t follow the rule of one-size fits all. You can get the box matched exactly the product’s dimension. In this way, you don’t have to pay for the inner packaging and the void. Light-weight and perfect sized boxes automatically bring your cost down.

Reduce the risk of damaged products

Have you ever gotten a parcel with bad shipping or broken products?? If yes, then surely you will not order from that company again. Delivering damaged products is an easy way to lose your customer base. That’s why brands opt for cardboard shipping boxes to ensure the sound delivery of products. Bad shipping experience is the main reason behind returns and negative reviews.

Cardboard is the hard and sturdy material which ensures complete protection. Boxes should perform the ultimate function of protecting the products. Accurate size of the boxes keeps the product from moving around, which reduce the risk of damage. With cardboard packaging, you don’t have to spend bubble wrap, air fill or peanuts.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes

The best thing about the cardboard packaging is its variety and diversity. Your packaging box should fit in the size of your product. So, you don’t have to spend on the void or on extra packaging material. It is not wise to rely on the same size of boxes for all the products. Each product comes with different requirement.

Cardboard shipping or mailer boxes are available in all sizes and styles. You can easily find the box which fits your needs. Enforcing a big item in a small box will only lead to the damaged box and unhappy customers. So, always select the perfect size with cardboard containers.

Free marketing

No brand can be successful without marketing and promoting the brand. So, it is not wise to let a marketing opportunity pass by. Branded shipping boxes will enhance your brand image and build a unique identity. Printed cardboard boxes with a logo and brand name will attract customer attention instantly.

With branded cardboard packaging, there is no need to spend on other marketing and promotional channels. Boxes can act as a brand ambassador. Your Advertising through TV, brochures, and pamphlets will cost you much.

Custom cardboard packaging is the way to go for a cheap packaging solution. It not only helps to draw more customers but also pumps up sales. If you try something other than cardboard, Kraft boxes are another affordable option for you.

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