2019 Beauty Trends for Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

2019 Beauty Trends for Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

2019-12-12 06:01:55

2018 has left us with the rise of eco-friendly packaging in the cosmetic industry.  Undoubtedly the green trends will remain the same for the present year. 2019 has gone half the way and it has given some influential trends for the cosmetic packaging. Each New Year brings some unique innovation in the beauty industry. So, brands should refresh their packaging design from time to time. As cosmetic packaging is changing with time and you should also refresh your taper candle boxes for good.

As a cosmetic brand, you should take some time and look at how the new trend will impact your customers and sales. It is not necessary that which works for other brands will also work for you. Follow the trend which is according to your design and you don’t have to start from scratch.

Let’s look at some of the new opportunities to impress your customers with packaging design of cosmetic boxes

Connect with customers

Connecting with your customer directly will help to build a loyal relation. In retail and online stores, the packaging is the only mean to communicate with the customers. You can make use of codes, digital chips, and other interactive elements to get connected with your ideal customers. You can also ask customers to share their views on the brand’s social media handles.

Combining form and function

Cosmetic packaging is not only about looks but it is also associated with function. Your cosmetic boxes should show a maximum performance by fulfilling its role. The main purpose of the box is to protect the inside product. Make your packaging boxes should not only look good on the shelves but should also increase its functional appeal.

Minimal design dominates

The trend of “less is more” is always present in the cosmetic industry. Clean and minimal design is still popular in the year 2019. Don’t go over the board to design cosmetic packaging. The simple design is relief on the eyes of customers. Minimal box design also provides convenience and ease of use. Less packaging also means less waste.

Black and white colors

Black and white are the trending colors in the packaging industry. These colors give the feel of sophistication. The two-color design will be impactful and versatile. If the bold colors are not working for your cosmetic boxes, switch to black and white.  It will hard for customers to ignore the dynamic of design.

Vintage packaging is in trend

Vintage packaging is always a surprise for customers. Get inspiration from the past and design your cosmetic boxes with vintage labeling but with a modern twist. You can choose different elements like vintage fonts, letters, retro colors, and different illustrations. It not only feels good but also delivers authenticity.

More sustainable options

In the last year, the trend of eco-friendly packaging is on the top. If you are already following the trend, stick to it also in this year. Switch to more green options for your cosmetic boxes. You should opt for custom boxes instead of glass and plastic. Customers will appreciate the step and will be willing to pay extra for natural packaging.

Packaging that is social media ready

Social media is one of the best things for the beauty industry. Blog and vlogs have revolutionized the way how customers perceive your product. Many brands have used the power of Instagram to grow your business. It is a free marketing opportunity. Design your cosmetic packaging to be internet famous. In this way, the product will get more exposure and visibility.

Follow the above trends to design up-to-date cosmetic boxes. If you are looking for a new look for your cosmetic packaging boxes, contact custom packaging pro for a refreshed design. We will help you to come up with a packaging design which will be a win in every situation.

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