10 trends to follow for cereal boxes

10 trends to follow for cereal boxes

2020-03-20 11:27:41

In the food market, the packaging is as important as the product itself. If you are missing out on a premium packaging solution, you are at loss. The custom boxes are not there just to enclose the product or to stack on the shelves. Customized packaging has a lot to offer; it markets the product, prolongs the shelf life and promotes your brand. So, if you are still relying on the standard solution, it's time to switch to custom cereal boxes. You should be aware of all the latest to be in the race of the brands.

When it comes to standing out in the crowd, you need to come up with the best packaging design for your product. Let’s have a look at some of the popular packaging trends in the food industry.

Use technology-enabled solutions

Technology-based solutions are an innovative way to package your products. Brands are moving head of the time and opting for smart solutions for the packaging design.  You will find barcodes on every product; it is a unique way to get product information. Now, you will find scan-able patterns at the back or bottom of the boxes which also contain valuable information. Smart chips are another example of technology-enabled packaging.

Try to engage customers emotionally

When it comes to custom cereal box packaging, you have to engage customers at all costs. The competition is tough and customers demand more than just a product. You can have more impact on shoppers with emotional content as compared to informational. Try to incorporate the feeling of happiness and joy in your packaging. You can convey the healthy benefits of your cereal with high-quality graphics.

Go for vintage design

Vintage packaging design is a trend that is never getting old. Vintage usually means the hint of passed by time. It evokes the feeling of happiness in customers and they can easily connect themselves with the theme. You can use graphics, letter fonts, and paste or solid matte colors in your cereal packaging box. It gives the feel of the 1950s and 60s. The design will also appeal to the young generation who have never experienced that time.

Make your labels clear

Packaging research has shown that almost 38% of the brands have wrong or unclear labels on the packaging boxes. You may have also experienced the issue.  We are not blaming anyone. It can be the mistake of the manufacturer. But you need to make sure that all your packaging has clear labeling with the right information before it goes on the shelves. Otherwise, you will be in great trouble.

Adding transparency is better

Customers prefer to buy the product that comes in transparent packaging. We are not saying to go for clear plastic boxes. But you can make your packaging see-thorough by adding a little cut-out plastic window at the front. Window boxes are also the best option for round soap packaging ideas. It will upscale your brand image and also help customers to make a confident purchase.

Make your boxes portable

Most of the customers have the on-the-go routine. They always look for the products which are easier to hold, carry and grab. To meet this demand of customers, you should work to make your cereal containers portable. The boxes should come with a flat bottom to provide stacking on the shelves and in the kitchen aisle. You should also think about adding a resealable feature in the packaging.

Aim for personalization

Personalization is an important part of the food packaging designs. It is also one of the top trends to follow. A chocolate brands have recently started to print random names on the packaging. It will help them to raise sales and draw more customers. You can also use the idea to see the difference. Instead of names, another option is to personalize the boxes, for children, elders and diet conscious customers.

Being minimal is best option

Minimal and simple designs are the top trends in the packaging of any product. You should move forward from large typefaces and cluttered designs. Try to adopt clear and simple design for your cereal packaging solutions. Minimal design is here to stay forever. It will not only make your boxes look clean and also reduce the overall cost.

Use gradient coloring

A recent study has shown that most of the customers find colors the most attractive part of the packaging design. So, try to make smart color choices for your packaging boxes. The use of gradient coloring is increasing day by day. It will add the level of the depth. You can make your product look unique and help to stand out on the shelves.

Sustainability is not an option anymore

Almost all the customers are ready to pay for the products that come in sustainable and eco-friendly in packaging. The trend of greener packaging has increased in the food industry. Ditch the use of plastic and provides more recyclable option to customers. Encourage customers to reuse the boxes in unique ways and post their videos. Edible food packaging is also an option to consider.

The role of packaging has changed beyond the shelf. It plays a huge role in customer journey and purchase experience. New packaging trends in the cereal and soap packaging have highly influenced the ways how customers perceive about your product. So, it is time to take the advantage of trends and move ahead in your business.

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