10 Tips to Create Amazing Cosmetic Boxes

10 Tips to Create Amazing Cosmetic Boxes

2020-09-28 12:20:37

Being in a cosmetic shop for the first time will confuse the customer a lot, there would be like ten products for one purpose. In this situation, when customer do not know anything about quality and brand, he will just end up buying the product which will be most eye-catching and sophisticated. This is where comes the role of Cosmetic Boxes which is the outer covering of the product to hold it well and for its safety purpose. When a customer buys a product, all the products are displayed in front of him and he makes the decision in minutes by just looking at the packing of the product. Therefore, if a conglomeration is beautiful with the best quality of product with in it, it will definitely boost the sale rate and flourish the business. Here are certain ways to get the most effective and stylish packaging.

Use vibrant colors on packaging

Cosmetics are all about colors and the women who buy them gets more attracted towards colors. So, the packaging must be done in different colors that attract the customers. The traditional skin and brown colored boxes are mostly used, although they are pretty but using other colors can make it prettier. Black color has the history of being the most attractive one but other dark shades of blues and red also gives the pretty look.

Use the right sized box

There are certain brands that is just put a small product in a large box with high price. It offends the customer because he thinks that his money is wasted for the little product in a huge space. Although it is just a psychological factor but the customer’s satisfaction is more important, therefore, products should be packed in the packaging of their size.

Bring innovation

In order to survive in the market where new competitors are coming every day, innovation is highly needed. Therefore, a company needs to change the size, shape and colors in regular intervals. For example, either using the usual packing, one can use the velvet covered or mate colored packing which will give more visual appeal.

Use ribbons and frills

Ribbons attached in a bow form around the packaging, it more attractive and worthy. So, different colored ribbons must be used. For example, one can use the black or red colored ribbon folded across the brown colored covering and blue colored across the white one.

Target the consumer

There are some products that are used by young girls and some are used only by women, so the age factor and the taste of consumer must be noted. It is more likely that old women will still like the designs and colors that were preferred in her young age so, some decent old designs can be re-used. Contrary to this, young generation will prefer new things, new colors and new designs, therefore, all the consumers must be dealt differently.

Convey short messages

Kind words always leave a sweet mark on people’s heart. In order to engage the customers and get a unique place in their heart, one can write some messages on packing as a sweet gesture. Also, any beauty tip and something unique about your brand can also work well.

Use pretty prints

The boxes having a beautiful colored printing on them can also be used. These will make the brand unique and differentiable from others. For printing purposes, different graphic designers can be hired who give the pretty appealing prints.

Mention ingredients

When the ingredients, brand name, expiry date are mentioned then it makes product worthy and customers start trusting the brand. In contrary to this, when nothing is written, customer ignores the product thinking that it is local and cheap. If we put a bigger and expensive product with some kind of little product, for example, foundation and lip balm together in a pretty and compact packing, it will surely appeal the customer. This technique will work more effectively, if the smaller product goes free with the bigger one or have some kind of save 10% title. Similarly, in a pretty cute packing, there could be a normal sized lipstick for mum and a cute lipstick for her little daughter. These techniques always appeal the customer and of course benefit the brand.

Give small surprises

Today, in the world where everyone has access to social media, it is easier for a brand to start a campaign on a social media. Therefore, a company can engage the people on internet telling them about some surprises hidden with their products. For this purpose, in a packing of certain product, company can put a heart touching note or a little gift. Moreover, some autographs by the famous brand ambassadors can also please the customer. These small caring gestures make the company unique and of course famous in short time.

Use environment friendly material

For the purpose of packing, the material used must be light weighted, sustainable and environment friendly. In this regard, Kraft Boxes serve best which are light weighted and doesn’t have any harmful effect on environment. In addition to this, these boxes can be molded easily in desired shapes and colors. They can be used in beautiful colors and unique styles giving good impression to the customer.

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