Tips for Better Eye-Catching Custom Chocolate Box

Tips for Better Eye-Catching Custom Chocolate Box

2018-06-28 14:26:53

Tips for Better Eye-Catching Custom Chocolate Box

Who doesn't love chocolate?? It is the symbol of affection and friendship. Chocolates are loved by people of all ages. Chocolates are usually wrapped in attractive and stylish boxes. If you want to give chocolates as a gift, you can have customized boxes for the packaging. Chocolates brands also prefer custom boxes with attractive appeal for candy packaging. Not only just from presentation point of view, Custom Chocolate Box also offer a lot of benefits. With good use of imagery and colors, these boxes can help to draw more customers and to increase your sales. From different style to unique design, you can have custom chocolate box in different forms. Chocolate boxes with your logo and name gives you the opportunity to market your brand. These boxes also ensure the maximum protection and safe delivery. So, it is essential to design your boxes in professional way to get all the above benefits. Here are some tips that you should follow for designing of custom chocolate box:

Think it as an investment

Many new chocolate brands fail every month in market. The only reason is their failure to give enough importance to packaging. Always think you packaging as an investment which will pay you later. By investing in high-quality custom boxes, you can increase the perceived value of your product. You can compete with other brands in better way and draw more sales.

Packaging with personality

Always design chocolate box which highlight your brand personality in a professional way. Chocolate boxes with brand logo and name will have more enhanced shelf impact. Highlight the key characteristics of your brand. It can be humor or story which maximizes the effect of your packaging design in communicating with primary customers. It will help you to create uniqueness, build connection and provoke customer's emotion.

Opt for clarity and visibility

A perfect packaging is which is simple and easily recognizable on the shelves. When it comes to chocolate packaging, less is always more. Design Custom Chocolate Boxes that it should instantly tell a customer what the product is all about and who is behind it. Designing a simple and clear chocolate box will help you to go long way, it also allow for extensible in future.

Custom Chocolate Box Packaging

Be honest and authentic

Custom chocolate boxes should not only make your product look attractive but also should be honest. We often encounter low-quality products in high-quality packaging. It only destroys a brand reputation and results in decreased sales. Presenting a small bar of chocolate in a big box is not a true presentation of your product. Keep your chocolate packaging that is authentic and true to its purpose.

Stand out visually

Uniqueness and distinction in the design of chocolate boxes can help your brand to stand out and increase its visibility. It allows you to set your brand apart in the sea of different chocolate brands. If other brands are designing it horizontally, go for a vertical design. You can also opt for unique design elements such as the transparent window to differentiate your chocolate boxes.

Typography matters

The words in the design of your chocolate boxes matter a lot. It is not just how these are printed on the box but the look and what these words convey also matter. Pay attention to the readability of your test by choosing premium fonts. Also consider the size, color, and contrast of the text. If you want uniqueness, try out custom lettering.

Be durable

A protective packaging is a perfect packaging. Choosing a durable box for chocolate packaging not only protect the inside product but also increase the shelf life. If your chocolate boxes are damaged at the point of sale and post-sale, it can create a negative effect on your brand and product sale.

Go green

With increasing number of customers who are conscious of the environmental effects of packaging, green is the new trend in the packaging industry. Investing in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is a great way to make your brand respectable. So, choose recyclable material for your chocolate boxes. Customers love to buy from brands that are caring towards the environment.

Think outside the shelf

Your chocolate boxes should continue to do their work even after purchase. Designing a box with no ease and convenience will turn off your customers. It will decrease their loyalty towards your brand. Your boxes should also allow the resealing and provide protection during the storage. Also, your packaging should not look good only in a retail environment but also at home.

Personalize it

Adding a personal touch to your chocolate boxes can give your packaging a stand out appearance. Handwritten text, hand-crafting and hand-tied are some of the ways to add personalization to your boxes. Traditional printing can also give your boxes a handmade appeal. You can also go for overall handmade design. Chocolates are considered as one of the best gifts and the packaging of custom boxes adds charms to it. With different printing and design options, you can make these boxes more appealing and attractive. Contact Custom Packaging Pro to design your chocolate boxes in a professional way.

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