Things You Should Know Before Designing Custom Nail Polish Boxes

Things You Should Know Before Designing Custom Nail Polish Boxes

2018-08-27 16:57:07

Nail polish add colors to your nails and packaging are the way to add colors to its dull boxes. Cosmetic packaging has become an important part of marketing in recent years and significantly influence the customer choice. Custom nail polish boxes add uniqueness to the product and differentiate it from the competition. Packaging color, packaging material, design and text on the box can greatly affect customer perception about the product. So, it is important to design your nail polish packaging in a professional way. It can be a little tricky to decide what would be preferable and suitable for a perfect packaging. When we talk about designing custom packaging for nail boxes it is not about something extraordinary or extra cost. The design of your packaging should be good and you should make most out of it. Here are few things to know before designing custom nail polish boxes.

Custom Nail Polish Boxes makes your product to stand out

custom nail polish boxesA standout packaging is what sells the product. Custom packaging for nail polish boxes can make an impression on customers and can influence their buying decision. All you have to do it to stand out with your boxes design. You can be unique in terms of shape, structure, colors, and design. By using inserts like personal notes or by using the unusual material or strategic use of stickers and labels can add uniqueness to your nail polish packaging.

Customization of Nail Polish Boxes is always a good thing

Customization is a must element of packaging and there are several ways in which you can accomplish it. It depends on your budget and needs. If you are just a startup r small sized brand, you can go for DIY customization. You can do it by using custom-made stickers, tape, and stamps but it will not look like a standardized packaging. If you want more polished and professional packaging, go to a professional or outsource it to a packaging company. It might be costly but it can reinforce your packaging in a better way.

Go for simplicity and clarity

Nail Polish Cardboard BoxesKeep your nail polish boxes design simple and clear to enhance customer understanding and usability. When you look at a product in stores ask yourself two simple question: What is the product for and who is the brand behind it?? If you cannot answer these simple question by looking at the packaging, then it is not up to the mark. Keep your packaging design simple so it will be easy for customers to locate the required information. Your brand elements should be clear and don't complicate the design with excessive text or imagery.

Assessing your budget is important

Customized packaging for your nail polish boxes is not cheap, it cost you money. Before making any decision considering your budget is highly important. Consider the cost of each step in your packaging design process. The packaging material, the design, printing process, and shipping material determine your overall cost. By using less packaging material you can reduce the weight of your boxes, it will help you to reduce cost in several ways. Being eco-friendly and making your packaging marketable allow to generate more profit by spending less.

Branding is the KEY

Branding is the key element to build your identity in the competitive market. Don't forget to print your brand name and logo on custom nail polish boxes. Colorful labeling or print of your branded elements is must to appeal to customers. It makes your packaging unique and helps you to stand out. Customers always choose the product with the best branding. You can also use your branded nail polish packaging as a marketing tool.

Maximize shelf presence

You can maximize the shelf presence of your nail polish brand by designing safe and secure packaging. There are always limited space products on shelves but you can make your presence felt with high graphics and a compact design. Get most out of shelf space with a suitable shape and size box. Use smaller size boxes, don't go for odd shapes and boxes should also provide good stack ability. Custom retail boxes are best for perfect retail nail polish packaging.

Be more than just a pretty box

While the visual appeal of your packaging is important for marketing purpose but designing is more than just a pretty box. Your custom nail polish boxes should also serve the functional purpose. Ask yourself what you want your packaging to do. Is it should be purely informational or it has the needed protection or it should have a call to action to trigger customers. Try to add something to your nail polish packaging which gives customers a unique experience and increase their loyalty towards your brand.

Give new life to your packaging with custom nail polish boxes. No matter how high quality your nail polish is if you have poor packaging it can ruin your reputation. So, contact Custom Packaging pro to your personalized nail polish boxes with quickest turnaround time.

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