Things to know before buying candle box

Things to know before buying candle box

2017-11-23 03:34:45

Candles are the seamless gift for anyone irrespective of the occasion. Candles can be simple, colorful, or romantic with a calming scent. If you are thinking to buy candles for someone, then you will also need a candle box for it. These boxes will make your gift presentable, and will also keep them safe from damaging. Because they might chip during transportation. So they are required to be kept in balanced temperature.

Types of Candle Box

Candle Boxes are made up of different materials. Some might be made from wooden while some would be of cardboard. If you want a decorative touch then you must go with cardboard boxes. They can change your standard candle gift to a spectacular one. These boxes are widely available in the market for purchasing.

The other type of boxes are made from cardboard. Cardboard is a widely used material in boxes and other craft materials. It is made from tree pulp. Custom Candle Boxes are easy to handle. They can easily be altered in different ways as per requirements. It all depends on your choice of shaping the box.

Whether it's wood, cardboard or some other material used in the boxes. They all are stuffed with a layer of soft tissue paper. These tissue papers make sure that all the candles inside the box will remain safe and protected.

Choosing the Right Size of Box

It's really important to have an appropriate size of box. Size depends upon the number of candles you want to accommodate in the box. One thing to make sure is that all the candles should fill your box completely. So there is no fixed quantity of candles that you need to have in your box. It all depends upon how many candles you want to gift.

Candle Boxes

Selecting the Type of Candles

There are so many kind of candles in the market. These include standard candles, small tea lights, number candles, or large church candles etc. It depends upon the purpose of your gift. If you want for a romantic dinner then you can opt for scented candles, or if it's someone's birthday then you can use numerical candles to reflect their age. There is a wide variety of candles in the market, it only depends on your creative flair.

Shape of Boxes

Gone are the days when you use to have square boxes, now you can also opt for different shaped boxes. They are available in cube, oblong, or circular shape etc. There are so many shapes available that you can customize with your own design. You can always have a unique presentation for your gift by using them. The choice of shape reflects your character.

Custom Packaging Solution

Sometimes it's hard to settle on one thing. Some of the existing designs or colors might not intrigue you. The freedom of having things according to your own choice is a blessing. If you want to keep yourself away from all the hassle of selecting right box for your gift, then you should try Custom Packaging Solution to customize your own candle box.

They work according to the specific needs of their customers. One just need to visualize them about the design and shape of box, and they will design and print it accordingly. This is really a great feature since you can have your candle box according to your own requirements.

Now a days there are so many companies offering this custom service and they are very economical as well. These boxes might be a bit high in terms of price as compare to existing boxes in the market. But on the other hand they saves your time and leaves you with complete inner satisfaction.


So we can't deny the fact that boxes play an important role in gifting candles. It is a way of showing one's level of affection towards another. This is such an element which nobody can miss. You can get these boxes from online stores and a physical store as well. Online shopping is a relatively convenient and cheaper medium.

There are many shops which sell candles in pre made boxes, but those are usually cheap and of low quality. If you want something that should make your gift personable then you can always buy a separate box. And it still does not meet your flavor then you can either go for DIY or custom box solution.

Candle boxes can some of the time be more appalling to glance at than the actual candle, with respect to the type of materials used. If you purchase a decent quality candle box then it can be re-utilized long after the last piece of candle wax has dissolved. So now you know the importance of candle boxes, and how you can buy the best one for your candles.

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