A guide to custom design for mascara boxes

A guide to custom design for mascara boxes

2017-11-15 07:07:08

When you are in cosmetic business, the journey can be sensational, worthwhile and little confusing. You have to offer the best products to get the deserved recognition. You must deliver good-quality products and at the same time identify your place in the market. To be on the top, you must have to stand out among other competitive brands. You should always try to find new ways to make your brand noticeable, trustable, and passed on. A wow customer experience is must to market your beauty products to its fullest. Companies today rely on packaging to get most out of the product. Best way to showcase your brand and to excite your customers is custom packaging.

Packaging is essential for all beauty products. But products that have more selling factor or more popular among customers' needs special packaging. Mascara is one of these items. It is a must element among all cosmetic products, and you cannot ignore it. It is important not to overlook the importance of mascara in flawless eye makeup. So, you have to focus on the quality of mascara and its packaging as well. When you want an appropriate packaging with cost-effectiveness, there is no better option other than custom boxes.

When it comes to designing a perfect packaging for your mascara products, a full plan is a must. A detailed packaging plan will help you to overcome the challenges. From choosing the right packaging material to a memorable unboxing experience, you have to consider a lot of things. A well-designed and customer-friendly packaging can surely make this happen. You must discover different ways to make your Custom Mascara Boxes appealing than the product. Let's find out some of the things to make your mascara stand out from the competitive brands

Focus on the basics of custom box packaging

Custom Box that you are going to use for your mascara product depends on many factors. It includes the size, design, material of the product and most importantly how delicate your product is. The market is full of various options. So, be creative and choose box shape, colors, and visual appearance according to the product. For starting, company name, logo and call-to-action is enough to make your name in the market.

Determine the design of custom boxes carefully

After choosing the right custom box, it is necessary to create an eye-catching and appealing design. Try to keep it simple and invest wisely in design. Designing is beyond than just a logo or an image. It would be good to focus on darker, more feminine and funky design for your mascara products. Try to merge design with your brand message and style. The outer appeal, inside looks, touch& feel, and unboxing are essential factors to consider while choosing the best design.

Mascara Boxes

Different type of material available for mascara boxes

Manufacturers use various kinds of materials determine which suits best for the product. Most common boxes used for several products are cardboard boxes. Other than this, three more boxes are available for your product. Kraft Boxes are the cheapest of all, but if you are looking for attractive visual appeal white king is best. Last but not least semi white boxes offer the best quality at some additional cost.

Choosing the right box size

Choosing the wrong box size is the most common mistake. Best is to pick the smallest possible package for your mascara boxes. By selecting the large size box than product size not only cost you extra but also can damage the product. Size of the box can affect your budget. Size of custom mascara box depends upon dimensions, weight, and needed free space. Remember, size of the box can also influence your shipping cost.

Consider various printing options

After choosing the right size and design, it's time to select printing style for your custom mascara boxes. Three main printing methods are available that you can use. Prices for each printing technique may vary depending on the manufacturer. Most common is offset printing used in retail; it mounts your print design on the box. A good solution for smaller orders is digital printing; it works same as the laser printer. Looking for high-quality design screen printing can help you. It is like applying paint to a mesh screen.

Inner packaging is as important as outer

Don't overlook the importance of inner packaging. Inside of the custom mascara box is as vital as outside. How your custom box protects and presents, the product can influence your customers. Arrange your product nicely. Consider adding a personal note which can be of thank you or any other greeting. You can also use a filling of paper or bubble wrap. Also, you can add some protection inserts for delicate items. Keep it friendly and straightforward yet witty.

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