8 Ways to Impress Your Customers with Custom Nail Polish Boxes

8 Ways to Impress Your Customers with Custom Nail Polish Boxes

2018-02-12 15:44:35

Custom Nail polish boxes can showcase your product in an elegant and appealing way. These boxes not only hold your product but also make sure its complete safety. Custom boxes are a perfect option for delicate and small products like nail polish. Nail polish boxes increase the visual appeal of the product and also make great shelf impact. Packaging is all about exciting customers with a unique and eye-catchy design. Let's have a look at some ways to impress your customers with custom nail polish boxes.

Nail polish is an important element of woman's grooming process. It can add class and elegance to your average looking hands. Nail polish gives you a kind of confidence to express yourself more freely. It not only makes your nails look beautiful but also protects them. Nail polish is all you need to make your hands slay. Nail polish comes in different colors and types like glossy, glittery or shimmer. Almost women of all ages use nail polish and which makes it in a continuous demand. So, brands should make sure to target their audience with custom nail polish packaging.

Less is more

If you think more is more than sorry it is not true when we talk about custom packaging. Simplicity is always the key to get customers with custom nail polish boxes. keep the design, images, and information to minimal. Over exaggerating anything in design element can irritate customers and make them ignore your product. By following the rule of less is more, you can change shoppers into your potential customers.

Outside of the box

Outside of the box is the first and most important things that the first impression. It will be inexpensive to design your nail polish boxes with different customization options. A simple way to tell new customers about your brand is to put brand name and logo on it. Make use of unique colors, catchy images and phrase to make a lasting impression on customers. Also, use a quality box which customers can recycle again and again for their use.

Make unboxing memorable

While you make the outside of the box impressive, don't forget about its inside. Nail polish usually comes in small custom boxes but you can still make their unboxing unforgettable. Use right size box to make it easy for customers to open. You can also print inside of the box with different patterns. Try to give your customers discount coupons, new product's samples and other freebies to encourage customers for the repeat purchase.

Encourage your customers with touch

Custom box act as the gateway between customers and your product. After impressing by the design, customers will surely pick up the box to examine it properly. Make sure that customers can easily interact with your nail polish boxes. Custom boxes should be easy to open/close and to handle during use. Use colors, images and finishing options to convey a sense of quality, touch, and texture. Challenge yourself to encourage customer's buying decision with touch.

Put your efforts on box design

Custom packaging is all about the design of the boxes. Nail polish boxes design include its size, style, shape, images, colors, and fonts. All elements act together to make the box design effective and compelling. Use colors that trigger customer's emotions, an image that the glimpse of the product and fonts that can catch customer's attention. Use fewer but effective design elements to make the first impression on customers.

Stand out

Always try to come up with something unique and different with your nail polish boxes. Logo or brand name is the first thing that set your product apart from other brands. When doing shopping, customers usually look for two things. First is the recognizable brand and second is the packaging that stands out. If the customer is buying from a brand for the first time, the unique packaging is the first things that will grab customer's attention.

Make your product easily recognizable

Be consistent with your branding to make your product easily recognizable and identifiable. Don't ever miss the logo and brand name on your nail polish boxes. It is the easiest way to market your brand and make a unique brand identity in the market. Increase the visibility and exposure of your product by putting all brand elements on custom boxes. It is one of the effective ways to make your product easily identifiable.

Be green!

One of the efficient and inexpensive ways to impress your customers is to go green. Eco-friendly packaging is the top preference for both retailers and customers. People now days go for the recyclable and reusable boxes rather than opting for plain brown boxes. Use the fewer material in the manufacturing process to save the environment from harmful effect. Brands about being green with your custom mail polish boxes and get a chance of increased sales.

Nail polish boxes if designed properly can draw customers to you and you can have a chance of increased sales. So, get your perfectly designed custom nail polish boxes from Custom Packaging pro.

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