8 Best Practices for Retail Boxes That Will Drive Off the Shelf

8 Best Practices for Retail Boxes That Will Drive Off the Shelf

2018-08-08 17:37:50

You have designed an amazing product and now thinking about how to introduce it in the market. If it is a retail product, you need to consider many things as completion is getting tougher. To promote your product, you need to stand out and it requires great packaging, that is where it comes custom retail boxes. When it comes to perfect retail packaging, custom boxes are always the best option. Well-designed retail boxes say more about your product than any other marketing channel. When it comes to designing retail packaging, there are lots of options regarding who to do and what to avoid. If you are planning to design packaging for custom retail boxes, these tips can help you in the best possible way.

Choose the perfect retail boxes

As different options are available for retail packaging design, it can be a bit difficult to choose the best for you. Whether your product is soap, cosmetic items or food items, you have to choose the perfect box. Choose the best size, best material, and best structure according to product and retailer's requirement. Try to avoid complicated design and odd shapes for your custom retail boxes. Choose boxes that perform well on stores shelves.

Stand out on all levels with custom retail boxes

To compete in retail packaging, you need to stand out at all levels to maximize customer's attention and your sales. Even you have the small budget or you are new in the market, you can be unique by thinking outside the box. Retail boxes should only be eye-catching but should also play the role of silent salesman. It will help you to communicate your message with customers. Your well-designed boxes should have the ability to target the audience while residing on the shelves.

Study your competition

Standing out is important for your retail packaging and to do it you should know the lingo of your product category. Just look at other similar other brands and try to know what they are doing for their retail packaging. Your retail boxes should be different not only in terms of colors and design but the structure of the box also matters. You need to be unique from the crowd. So, customers can easily identify your brand behind different products.

Consider where you sell your product

Another important factor to consider while designing your custom retail boxes is: where your product will sell. Whether you will sell the product online or the product will reside on retailer's shelves. If it is online, you need to work more on the outside of the box to make it more appealing. And if it is retailer stores, you should consider who will reside next to you. Your visuals should also be appealing to catch customer's eye. You can pre-test your retail packaging to avoid any failure.

Manage your cost

While you want to have most perfect packaging for your retail boxes, you need to reconsider your cost. Consider simple and clean design to cut off your cost per unit. There is a number of ways to get alluring boxes without breaking your budget. Custom packaging can be expensive sometimes; you have to come up with the design that is not only efficient but also cost-effective. You can place big orders and buy at wholesale to save a lot.

Opt for clarity and simplicity

Take a tour of your nearby store and pick a random product. Give few seconds to examine the product and ask two simple questions to yourself. What is the product and who is behind it?? If you don't get your answer instantly, it is an example of bad packaging. Sometimes packaging with complex design may seem captivating from outside but it can fail to give a clear answer and left customers in confusion. Opt for simple clear design to let customers know about the product and the brand behind it. It's an important part of the retail packaging. Showing a product ten times better than it actually is, you are leading towards a poor customer's experience with the bad brand image. The key element of great retail packaging is character, memorability, and originality. The best way to compete for customer's attention is to be authentic in your packaging boxes.

Maximize the retail experience for customers

Keep your packaging of retail boxes simple for both customers and retailers. Do your research and find out how retail staff interacts with existing packaging. Make your custom retail boxes easy to display on shelves. Not only easy to display nut the boxes should also look attractive. Avoid using too many wording and images, it can distract customers. Also, avoid sharp-edged boxes to customer's comfort and ease. Always design by keeping customers in mind. Retail boxes can help you to boost your sales by attracting maximum attention. But it needs planning and expertise. Custom Packaging pro can help you to design custom retail boxes in a professional way.

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