7 reasons to use the corrugated box for packaging and shipping

7 reasons to use the corrugated box for packaging and shipping

2017-12-21 05:58:40

When you ship products on regular basis, protection and safety are two main concerns of companies. If the product will reach in damaged condition then it can influence your sales and reputation in wrong way. That is why different companies and brands opt for sturdy and durable material for safe shipping. When it comes to sturdy packaging and compact storage, Cardboard and custom corrugated boxes have become the popular choice for manufacturers and customers as well. Product packaging is as valuable as the product itself. You are delivering more than a box to your customers. So, it is important to make the right choice and what can be the better option than custom corrugated boxes.

Custom Corrugated boxes known as brown boxes are a bit different from cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes have paperboard material yet sturdy but corrugated boxes come with extra protection and sustainability. It has three layers and the small cushion of the fluted layer is in the center which makes it thicker. Corrugated boxes are the cheap solution as the material is recyclable and the boxes are also reusable. Light weightiness makes it easy to handle these boxes during distribution. You can also customize these boxes according to your particular needs. Corrugated containers offer an ideal solution for packaging of various products. From great strength cost-effective solution, there are many reasons to opt for corrugated boxes. Let's take a look on some of the reasons to use these boxes for packaging and shipping.

Custom Corrugated Boxes an ideal choice for shipment

When it comes to ideal shipment, lots of things come under consideration. It is crucial for brands that the product will reach its destination in good condition. The bottom closure and resist capabilities make corrugated boxes an ideal shipping solution. From protection of the product, to low shipping cost, custom corrugated boxes have all features. Corrugated boxes ensure the safe delivery by providing firm support. Corrugated are efficient, flexible and cheap in all terms.

Inexpensive packaging solution

Raw material needed to make corrugated boxes is inexpensive and readily available. Moreover, with cheap material, these boxes are also inexpensive to produce and it does not include much of the labor cost. With custom corrugated boxes, you don't have to pay extra fees for shipping of the product as these are light in weight. It makes them a cheap solution for all your packaging and shipping needs. Customization with corrugated boxes is also inexpensive.

Custom Corrugated Boxes can carry heavy products

While shipping heavy or bulky products, there is the higher chance of breakage and damage. Most of the boxes are unable to bear the weight of heavy items. Custom Corrugated boxes are an ideal way when it comes to packaging and shipping of heavy products. The fluted sheet between several layers of the box provides cushioning and extra support to the product. The combination of rigidity and cushioning make them able to bear the weight of products during transportation.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Lightweight but protective

Corrugated boxes are light in weight and easy to handle during transportation. Beside, these boxes are still of high strength. Most of the corrugated boxes come with paperboard and linerboards which provide the needed strength and protection to prevent any damage and mishap during shipping. The flutes between the layers also help to prevent the boxes from moisture. You can save some bucks on shipping and transportation with corrugated boxes as these have less weight as compared to other boxes.

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Eco-friendly and reusable

Custom Corrugated boxes are easily recyclable and reusable which make them environmentally friendly. These boxes have renewable material which is accessible. Some of the boxes are 100% recyclable and some come with 70-80% recyclability. The rate is higher than other packaging solutions. Also, before disposing off, you can reuse these boxes several times while its durability remains the same. Corrugated boxes offer three R's of the environment; Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

Diverse packaging solution

Corrugated boxes are available in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, these boxes are promptly accessible in the market. You can use these boxes for any product which makes them a flexible solution to meet all packaging needs. Depending on the product you want to pack, corrugated boxes come in the variety of sizes and with single, double or even triple wall structure for extra protection. Thus, they work as the most diverse packaging solution to accommodate the needs of different clients.

Corrugated box


Corrugated boxes are now not plain brown boxes. With different customization options, you can turn these into custom corrugated boxes. With colors and graphics, you can use these boxes to attract customers on retailer's shelf. By personalizing corrugated boxes with your logo, name or tagline, you can turn these boxes into advertising tool for your brand. The capability of high-quality printing and graphics make them ideal retail display. Corrugated boxes are effective to advertise and promote your brand.

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